Why does it feel good to work with us?

The benefits you will enjoy

We are a team of IT fans, who like programming and new technologies. Therefore we are happy to exclusively work with people from the technological leader, Micosoft. We work for renowned clients, who are influenced fundamentally by our solutions. Do you know, for example, that VÚB bank has approved a total of over EUR 9.5 billion in loans through our loan applications? We do not lack creativity. However, we miss another great person for our team. Join us and in addition to a great team we will offer you additional benefits. What are they specifically?

  • Break
    Tastefull coffee
  • obcerstvenie
  • masazeobce
    Massages in office
  • multisport
    Multisport card
  • flexibilita
  • certifikacie
  • anglictina
  • teambuilding
  • mountain
    Interesting projects
  • kalceto
    Table soccer
  • chill
    Chillout zone
  • wedding cake
    Work-life balance

The stories of your future colleagues

  • martina-sucha

    Martina Suchá

    HR manager

  • peter-toth

    Peter Tóth

    Team leader and programmer

  • vladimir-mako

    Vladimír Mako

    Project manager

  • jozef-sloboda

    Jozef Sloboda


  • Maťka's story

    "In 2015, I became a part of the great Millennium team. I enjoy the HR manager's work from the first momment, it is something special every day and we are never bored together at work. Regular and experiential teambuilding associated with a pleasant family atmosphere in the workplace are benefits that I had the opportunity to taste only in Millennium - who wouldn'd alive this atmosphere, doesn't believe."

    I joined Millennium. I conducted 118 interviews with IT specialists and covered the onset of 20 TOP colleagues. We organized 15 corporate events in Slovakia and Bohemia. We included a Multisport card, table soccer, chillout zone and corporate apartment by the sea in the benefits.
    2015 2016 2017 2017





  • Peter's story

    "I've been working at Millennium for over 12 years and I can't say I get bored after so much time. I enjoy working on big and interesting projects where I have the opportunity to grow not only professionally, but also in my career. It is also very important to me, there is a team that is excellent, we are not only colleagues but also good friends, and as a passionate skier I always look forward to corporate skiing. ""

    I joined Millennium. With the SMECAS credit system for VUB we won the Microsoft Industry Award. I was promoted to application development teamleader I became a project leader responsible for VUB projects.
    2006 2007 2011 2017





  • The Story


    ... ... ... ...
    ... ... ... ....
  • Vladko's story

    "I have been working at Millennium for over 7 years, during which I was able to grow professionally, for which I also owe my colleagues. During this period, we created precious friendships, which we regularly maintain in joint actions. Thanks to these people and work, I am looking forward to work every morning, working on projects for reputable companies, which gives me a sense of responsibility and motivates me to deliver the best performance. "

    We became a Rescoo partner and started to develop the business in the Mobile CRM segment. I successfully completed the Project Management course with Prince Methodology and obtained PRINCE2 Practitioner certification. Together with my team, we have become a Joker for Tipos, which we have delivered to the National Block Lottery. We have successfully implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage relationships with corporate banking clients.
    2012 2012 2013 2017





  • Jožko's story

    "I appreciate new challenges, technologies and face-to-face communication with people. In Millennium, we have access to latest versions of any software and we work on projects based on advanced technologies. It´s great to have such creative work with no stereotype, which helps me fulfil my ideas, improve internal procedures of our clients and at the same time, by IT solutions, build better relationships with their customers. I am glad that, in Millennium, I can constantly develop my potential and move forward."

    I joined Millennium. We won Microsoft Industry Award thanks to several CRM projects I was working on.

    I´ve been on the position of a consultant specialized in process optimization for significant bank institutions in Slovakia as well as the Czech Republic for more than 5 years.

    Currently, I am a part of a great team actively implementing the largest bank CRM project in Central Europe with more than 5 000 end users.

    2007 2010 2015 2013