CRM consultant

How are you doing now?

  • Are you bored when you get no e-mail from a client in one day?
  • Do you know that the relationship with customers is the most important for the client and you care about it?
  • Can you communicate and make presentations?
  • Do you enjoy making up creative solutions and the word innovation is not new to you?
  • Do you have analytical thinking?
  • Are you able to find information even though Google does not spit it out on the first page?

Then you are our new CRM consultant!

Your daily work will include preparation and design of innovative solutions and their implementation through CRM. You will create proposals, standardize solutions and consult these proposals with the client. In the end your task will be to implement them. If you are experienced in IT and you know what Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SQL or AD are, we will gladly read your CV. We believe that the following requirements are only a formality and we can find an e-mail in the inbox from you:
  • English is not an issue for you,
  • Microsoft SQL Server is not an unknown which you see with us for the first time.
Let us hear from you