.NET programmer

How would your working day look like in your new position?

  • After you come to the office you make yourself some coffee, turn on the computer and from the beginning you will be drawn into projects, which have a decisive importance to our customers.
  • Because you like programming, your main job task will be development of web solutions and creation of technical specifications. If you are good at it, which we do not doubt about, you may become the author of the architectonic solution design itself.
  • And moreover in case of need will you provide support to clients? Most certainly yes.
  • At the same time you will work with the state-of-the-art technologies, and thus achieve remarkable experience.

Which of your qualities will you be able to develop fully doing this job?

  • Among the fundamental ones belongs innovative approach to problems and looking for new ways to solutions.
  • Passion for IT, drive and hard work.
  • If you already programmed in C#, .NET and you know Microsoft technologies, open the document with your CV and if there is something outdated update it.
  • If you also tried MS Visual Studio 2013, MS SQL Server 2012, Entity Framework and ASP.NET MVC or Windows Azure, do not hesitate anymore and definitely send us your CV.

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