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29. October 2017

Manage and automate your marketing activities directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365

ClickDimensions is a certified solution for marketing automation integrable directly into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment. By its implementation, the marketing department gains a comprehensive tool for activity management and the sales department has all information necessary to close a deal.

What is marketing automation?

Nowadays, marketing automation is not only a well-known buzz-word. It is innovative technology helping companies earn new leads and transform them into loyal customers.
One of such technology is ClickDimensions, a certified solution for marketing automation. It complements basic marketing functionalities of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution and covers the following areas:


“As much as 56% of Fortune 500 companies from the B2B segment have accepted marketing automation as a fundamental tool for lead generation”. ClickZ, an expert on the latest trends in the online environment

What is the difference between the marketing automation solution and CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics 365, as well as the marketing automation tool ClickDimensions, are both aimed to help companies to create and make their relationship with customers long-lasting and more efficient. However, they differ in their primary focus, main functionalities, and also in their strengths.

CRM represents a comprehensive tool for customer relationship management focused mainly on sales activities. On the contrary, the marketing automation solution offers powerful functionalities, such as:

  • e-mail marketing
  • web analytics
  • lead nurturing
  • lead scoring
  • tools for simple and intuitive creation of landing pages, web forms, or surveys

What is more, thanks to the solution, marketing activities can be automated, what significantly eliminates the time spent on routine activities.

ClickDimensions is integrable into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment and represents so called marketing driving force for a CRM solution.

ClickDimensions in Dynamics 365

Which questions should you answer to yourself when choosing a marketing automation tool?

  • Does it offer functionalities you need?
  • Is it user friendly?
  • Is it integrable with CRM?
  • Does it contain a possibility of customer support and further education?
  • How often is system updated?
  • What is the total price and return on investments?

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