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24. August 2021

Manage Booking of Terms Within Your Company without any Calendar or Charts

The activities which have been recently transferred into the online environment due to the pandemics, are gradually being replaced by personal meetings again. It applies also to company events and trainings which your employees can attend now in person. How do you solve signing up for them? Are you all set or need a helping hand? Our Power Apps application will guide you through the process in a few clicks.

„How many employees are going to attend the training next week?

„I have no idea. Wait a sec, I am looking for my notebook and I will look it up for you. I wrote them down by myself.“

„Don´t you have in electronic form at least those who are going to the teambuilding on Friday?

„Yes, I have already put them in a chart. I will send it to you in five minutes. But I have to find it first.. Among all other things, I have no idea where I´ve saved it…“

Do these chats sound familiar? Was it the same in you company when it was still possible to organize personal meetings? Have you thought of making signing up for company events or trainings more effective? If you have answered “yes” to our questions, you are at the right place. We have an application able to get reservations of your employees under control ready for you.

Simplicity, Speed and Transparency

We know that signing up for various events or trainings via email or in person brings more trouble mainly to those employees who are responsible for all registrations. Needless to say, if the event comes with catering, it´s very complicated to manage long lists with various food intolerances. Last but not least, also managers need an overview of what they have approved and to whom.

We would like to make it easier for you so we have come with a solution. Our goal is to help companies in their digital transformation and show them how things can be done much simpler.

Power Apps
The application is built on the Microsoft Power Apps platform and represents one of the most effective ways of booking terms. And we know we are talking about because the „eventClick“ application has been developed directly in our company Millennium. During the development process, we primarily aimed to bring users the highest possible comfort, e.g. intuitive login environment and simple admin interface, where you can easily add new event and gain immediate access to all reservations and their details.

We think of every detail

When designing the application, we took into account various possible scenarios illustrating examples of different event types, for instance teambuilding, family event, including or excluding catering or signing up for trainings.

They say that “Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times“. That´s why we have prepared video for you that shows you how to register for the event.

Take a look on how to sign up for an event

Soon, in the next video, you will be able to see for yourself that working in the administration environment of this application is really simple.

The “eventClick” application is our third application designed on the Power Apps platform. Not a long time ago we introduced you “rentClick” for quick and simple device rental. The “leaveClick” application can streamline employee attendance records.

If you have identified yourself with the issues addressed in our article or you are interested in making some of your internal processes more effective, do not hesitate and contact us. We will go through your requirements and design the most suitable solution for you.


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