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30. April 2021

Millennium has Designed an Application for Tracking Employee Attendance

How do you handle attendance records of your employees? The size of your company does not require a robust complex system yet, however, you are overwhelmed by Excel tables? If you haven´t already found a suitable solution, we have prepared for you a golden mean. The application built on the Power Apps Platform can be used as an attendance tracking tool for small and medium-sized companies.

The online application “leaveClick” makes tracking employee attendance transparent and gets the managers´ wrinkles out. Thanks to the simple application, you will have under control what´s happening in your company. Not only you make the employees’ holiday or sick leave tracking easier but you also gain a managerial view and a possibility of continuous tracking employee presence or absence. Thus, you can assign working tasks more effectively.

The following you can track directly in the application:

  • holiday leave;
  • doctor appointments;
  • sickness absence;
  • taking care of a family member;
  • accompanying of a family member during medical treatment;
  • other obstacles preventing employees from work.

At the same time, the employees will have an up-to-date overview of the drawdown and a possibility to scan their stamped permit to leave the work directly to the application.

The managerial view provides:

  • an ability to approve/deny submitted requests;
  • an overview of the attendance of all employee;
  • detail charts (e.g. a possibility to visualize TOP 5 employees with the most sick days drawn etc.).

The “leaveClick” application has been designed directly in Millennium and we use it ourselves. It´s built on the Power Apps Microsoft Platform, which can be easily adjusted to your needs.

Some time ago, we have introduced you our application “rentClick“, simplifying the process of loaning company devices. The „leaveClick“ application is another one from our series we would like to introduce you.  All you have to do is contact us and together we will identify your needs.

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