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16. November 2021

The eventClick Application Can Easily Manage Organization of Company Events

How do you manage registration to company events or trainings? Nowadays, when the hybrid way of work prevails, one cannot just run around the office and ask everybody directly. Registration via Excel Sheets and emails has its limitations as well. What we offer you is a simple solution that will make organizing events a pleasure, not a nightmare.

Application development on the Microsoft Power Apps platform is not new for us. The best part is that we are using the applications we have developed. They simplifies making reservations of parking lots, registration to a massage, announcing holiday or doctor appointments.

Another of our applications named eventClick represents one of the most effective tool for making reservations. It can help you move digitization of your company to a next level. The intuitive log in environment and simple administrative interface guarantee the comfortable event management.

Using the admin role, you can easily create various types of events:

  • teambuildings/ family retreats/ catered or non-catered events/ trainings/ other.

Thanks to the detailed information, your employees will have an up-to-date overview of the events they are registering themselves to. When creating a new event, it´s necessary to enter:

  • a title/ detailed description/ the beginning and the end date/ venue/ capacity/ event type and approval.

In our video, we will show you how you can easily create a new event

Participation in an event can be a subject to the manager´s approval. Thanks to notifications that the manager can see directly in the application, he/ she can approve or decline the request within a couple of seconds.

One of the advantages is that, when registering themselves, the employees can type a note directly in the application, such as “I´ll be staying only one night”, etc. So, no additional email communication is necessary and the event organization runs smoothly.

Let us show you how the registration to an event looks like

The eventClick application is built on the Canvas Apps, so the final design can be accommodated to the customer´s needs.

If you have found your situation in this article or you´re interested in streamlining some other company processes, do not hesitate and contact us. We will go through your requirements together and propose the most suitable solution for you.


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