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26. August 2016

The most interesting news of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Online

Microsoft confirms its strategic intention to develop a platform for Microsoft Dynamics CRM business applications.

Microsoft continually brings the latest news and improvements to its customers what increases a value of investment in CRM solutions. Version 2016 contains several interesting news worth mentioning.

1. New Tool for Analyses

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 delivers a functionality of exporting data to Excel, dashboards and reports so customers can get the best of their valuable data in the CRM system. Each new version brings new possibilities for analyses and data processing. The key improvement of version 2016 is a new functionality “Immersive Excel Online” and “Power BI” support.

Power BI is an outstanding tool for creating visualizations and data reports from various data sources. This tool has extensive functionalities and possibilities. One of the new features of version 2016 are pre-prepared content packages enabling easy access to data and data analysis not only from the CRM system, but also from other business applications.

Integration with Excel does not mean only Excel templates for data import and export, but also a new functionality “Immersive Excel”. Thanks to this feature, customers can analyze, modify and manipulate with CRM data online in user well-known Excel Online environment directly in CRM. Data are automatically updated in the background.

2. Improved Mobile Applications

If you ever needed to work with CRM outside your office, whether to have a look at key data about a customer or make a few notes, it must have been very complicated, even impossible requirement. Dynamics CRM 2016 offers free mobile applications on Windows, iOS and Android platforms with optimized environment and touch screen control. Data are displayed real-time with an optional offline mode when the internet connection is not available. In such a case, data are synchronized bidirectionally immediately after the connection has been restored.

3. Deeper Connection with Office Applications

Dynamics CRM 2016 brings a possibility of even deeper integration with Office applications. “Immersive Excel” functionality enables working with CRM data in Excel like user experience but without a need to run Excel outside the CRM system. New possibilities for work with Word and Excel templates have been added as well, what simplifies creation of documents containing CRM data without help from IT staff or a need for programming specific reports. A new CRM App for Outlook is now available which can monitor e-mails or add contacts even from Outlook Online environment including mobile clients. Thanks to the upper mentioned improvements and functions, work with CRM data in Office applications has never been more simple.

4. Higher Performance and Support of Browsers

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Online takes much more advantages of Azure cloud platform which is constantly improved by Microsoft professionals focused on performance tuning of this platform. Optimization was focused on reconsideration of database indexes and refactoring of a code for rendering templates. Thus, the new version should accelerate templates rendering by up to 25%. Performance improvement is not only about optimization of rendering. The news includes also increased support of various browsers, not only Internet Explorer. IE8 and its earlier versions are not supported browsers anymore.

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