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30. October 2016

We deliver innovative solution for marketing automation thanks to the partnership with Click Dimensions

Digital marketing together with related marketing automation is more and more in a focus of many companies as a tool which makes approaching customers more effective.

It is a real present-day challenge for many companies to approach right customers in right time with a right offer. Customers are now much more demanding and well-informed. They compare and pick much more carefully in flood of available possibilities. The product price is not necessarily the deciding factor. Client´s impression of the way he has been approached, way of communication or brand name perception as such are often more important. Companies can influence these factors not only via personalization and better focused communication with existing customers – the marketing automation tool is a perfect solution how to reach these goals.

Marketing automation helps companies to get the most important elements:

  • time for quicker preparation and campaign execution
  • data for better focused and more personal communication
  • Insight on campaign effectivity and results

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Millennium, as a new partner of ClickDimensions, offers interesting solution for marketing automation called by the same name. ClickDimensions marketing solution is natively integrated into the CRM system what established important contextual connection between sales and marketing data and activities.

The product covers comprehensive agenda of marketing needs:

CRM a marketingová automatizácia

Increasing number of our clients interested in the ClickDimensions solution, who have decided to implement it – from financial retail institutions to B2B sales in industry – confirms interest and a need to find a marketing automation solution.

Download the eBook about marketing automation in English for free and explore all possibilities and advantages that can be brought into your company.

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