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How we have delivered to ČMSS a modern solution for customer relationship management and helped with GDPR implementation

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Introduction of the Customer

Českomoravská stavební spořitelna, a. s. (ČMSS) is the largest building and loan association in the Czech Republic, also known as Fox. It has been operating on the Czech market since 1993 and during its existence it has gained a very strong position among financial institutions. It has concluded nearly 5.6 million contracts on building savings with its clients and provided over a million mortgages and housing loans. It is a member of the ČSOB Group which maintains its leading position on the Czech financial market. Our cooperation started in 2013.

“Providing high-quality customer service is our top priority. Implementation of the CRM system by Millennium has provided us with the foundation not only for reaching better knowledge of our clients and improving the quality of our relationships, but also for pursuing business opportunities.“
Petr Tomášek
Sales processes and applications department manager, Českomoravská stavební spořitelna, a. s.

How we Helped the Customer?

The absence of an effective customer relationship management tool led to the ČMSS’s decision to implement the CRM system, while strategically opting for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • The solution implementation took place during the replacement of all major banking systems, referred to as the “CBS Programme” (Core Banking System).
  • The largest building and loan association in the Czech Republic has gained a tool providing its employees with the so-called 360-degree view on client data and a flexible platform for further system development. In the long run, the solution will not lead only to more effective relationship management but also costs spent on software solutions will be significantly reduced.

Important Facts

One central solution aggregating all data at one place
The solution provides a 360-degree view on clients
Intuitive and transparent user interface

Českomoravská stavební spořitelna, one of the top banks in the Czech Republic, administers enormous amount of client personal data every day. The data are subsequently gathered and stored in the bank´s internal systems. Despite the high security level and personal data protection, ČMSS had to undergo several major steps to be in compliance with the GDPR Directive.

  • During the initial phase of the analysis as a part of the GDPR implementation in ČMSS, a consultant company Deloitte was involved. Deloitte together with IT, business guarantees and lawyers examined and defined individual purposes of personal data recording and processing. The outcomes of the analysis have been transformed into propositions how to ensure the compliance of the ČMSS information systems with the GDPR Directive.
  • Propositions which emerged from the analysis subsequently led to definition of requirements on modifications of all systems working with personal data records. The CRM (a system for customer relationship management), which we implemented in ČMSS in the past on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, belongs among such systems.
  • From the GDPR point of view regarding the CRM solution, three reimplementation requirements were necessary to incorporate into the system: A requirement on recording and processing of requests from data subjects concerned, a requirement on recording of data subjects´ consent for a variety of purposes in ČMSS and a requirement on data invalidation/deletion.

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