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HEINEKEN Slovakia, belonging to the brewery group HEINEKEN N.V. HEINEKEN Slovakia, has been a Slovak beer market leader for more than 15 years. The company owns a stable market share of approximately 40% and employs more than 600 employees. Heineken has been our client since 2016.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation

Start of the project: April 2016

To Heineken Slovakia, we have implemented a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution that has streamlined sales, marketing, and customer care processes of the company. Heineken has become the first FMCG company in Slovakia using Online CRM. Primary solution users are Telesales operators for whom CRM solution is the only tool for everyday customer contact, multiplying the quality and speed of their operations. Secondary users are the Trade Marketing Department along with the Heineken Sales Department.

The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the cloud and its integration with existing systems brought Heineken following benefits:

  • Heineken gained a 360-degree view on its customers and synchronization of various data types into the one system increased speed and quality of the whole sales process, customer service as well as dealing with customer requirements.
  • All sales activities of sales representatives and information about customers recorded in CRM are available also for telesales operators during the telephone contact with a customer. Telesales can follow up with work of Sales and vice versa.
  • Dealing with customers through the telephone is now several times more efficient. There is no need to use physical phones anymore and the solution provides comfortable making and answering phone calls directly from the PC. A phone call with a customer automatically opens the customer file in the CRM system, where all important information for the operator handling the phone call or placing an order is available.
  • CRM, as a unified storage of all the information, provides immediate insight on topical leaflet campaigns, sales campaigns targeted on customers as well as up-selling and cross-selling possibilities.
  • Clearly reporting for the company management and new insight on customers help to make more efficient managerial decisions.
  • Integration of the CRM system with the economic system saved a lot of money on software licenses, since Telesales employees use only the CRM system.