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Millennium as the First Company in Slovakia Having Its IT Infrastructure Entirely Migrated and Profiting from Flexibility and Financial Attractivity of a Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution

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“Moving into Microsoft Azure cloud has streamlined work of our company, increased security of stored data, and reduced costs on IT infrastructure operation. Since we were the first in Slovakia who has experienced such process, we have gained a substantial competitive advantage.”
Martin Ševček
A former CTO, Millennium, spol. s r. o.

How We Helped the Customer?

Our company has been running its intranet, CRM system and applications related to projects, accounting and development on 50 servers with 10 TB data storage. The servers were located in a separate server room within the company´s premises. Over the years, our demands on IT infrastructure significantly increased with the stress put on higher computing capacity and new data storages. At the same time, the oldest hardware became worn-out. When we were planning to move to new premises, we faced a question how to approach investments into the IT infrastructure. After considering all the aspects, we decided for its migration into Microsoft Azure cloud.

The project started in July 2014. We created an internal working group of two IT specialists and one manager. During the migration initial phase, they worked on the task only part-time. During the first month we prepared a plan of moving the infrastructure and tested company´s applications in new environment. By creation of identical copies of existing servers in Microsoft Azure cloud, we were able to verify functioning of the systems before their actual transfer.

The testing run successfully without any need to adjust the applications.


  • 99,9 % server reliability;
  • Easier server administration;
  • operation 12 / 5;
  • Less worries about the server room capacity;
  • No costs on building and operation of the server room;
  • No investments into renewal and extension of the hardware;
  • Flexibly scalable extent of used services according to current needs;
  • Estimated costs saved in a three-year horizon of more than 80,000 Eur.

Dôležité fakty

Simple administration of servers and their capacity
Flexibly adjustable content
Savings up to 80,000 Eur in three years

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