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Ministerstvo financií Slovenskej republiky

How we Help the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic Streamline Work of Individual Departments, Bring Transparency and Secure Communication

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Introduction of the Customer

The Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic (MF SR) is a central state administration body of the Slovak Republic for the area of finances, taxes, customs, prices, financial control and internal audit. MF SR is an organization with the team of professional employees who ensure high-quality fulfilling of its mission and the Slovak Government Program Statement. The Ministry has been cooperating with us since 2005.

How We Helped the Customer?

The solution is built on the MS Dynamics CRM platform with the presentation part integrated into the well-known intranet environment. The solution enables simple request submission, tracking request history, personalized request list addressed, for example, to the IT, service performance, personal department, etc. The solution also contains a knowledge database for easier work of individual departments. The project started on December 2009.

The website allows to transparently structure information and diversify responsibility for the content. Besides, it offers more user-friendly design and clearer user system. Thus, Slovak citizens have gained access to the extensive agenda of the Ministry and its subordinate organizations.

The Intranet application of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic is a valuable communication tool providing the employees of the Ministry with access to all relevant information. From a functional point of view, the application is designed as a website with a system of access rights providing users with access to various information and documents. They are fetched into the applications from existing systems of the MF SR.

The CRM solution for software licenses management is a centralized system for state administration organizations simplifying collection of requests and subsequent creation of institutional budgets. The solution under MF SR consists of two parts – a front-end portal for registration of licenses and a back-end application. Using the effective system of centralized collection of requests within the entire state administration in Slovakia, MF SR has gained a streamlined process of reporting number of software licenses and subsequent creation of institutional budgets for upcoming years. The project began on April 2009.

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