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We Helped O2 Slovakia Streamline Employee Education and Sales Network Management

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Introduction of the Customer

O2 Slovakia, s r.o. (originally: Telefónica Slovakia) is a company providing mobile telephony and mobile data transmission services based on GSM and UTMS. The 100% owner of O2 Slovakia, s.r.o is O2 Czech Republic a. s. The majority owner of O2 Czech Republic is PPF financial group.

“The launch of the O2 World Portal is a new beginning when it comes to managing and publishing information for the sales network. Thanks to cooperation with Millenium, we have moved the comfort of the users and the administrators to a whole new level, everything in a very short time.“
Juraj Masaryk
Senior project specialist, O2 Slovakia, s. r. o.

How We Helped the Customer

O2 Slovakia had a network of internal trainers providing education of sales representatives, their training and testing. The company was looking for a solution for educational system management. The main aim was to gain a tool containing a possibility of planning trainings depending on a career level.

  • We achieved a much greater flexibility for trainers in creating questions and tests, at the same time we extended the content of the test applicability, so the trainers can use plenty of questions for various types of tests with different validity.
  • Simple access without using third party applications, so common users and trainers can automatically enter the application.
  • Trainers have immediate reports and feedback available, which they can filter and evaluate analytically.
  • Intuitive navigation through the application without with no need of detailed trainings for end users.
  • Streamlined services of higher quality, since the employees are forced to train themselves continuously through the tests.

Dôležité fakty

Used technologies: Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Microsoft Azure
The solution stored in cloud
Nonstop access to all tests

The main aim of the O2 WORLD project (Knowledge Management) was to build and run an application for sales network management. O2 WORLD portal should have replaced previously used Infoportal, which had been only a part of it, and contained extended functionalities for users.

The most suitable platform for the implementation of the assignment, in a largely native way, is the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 platform.

The main part of the O2 WORLD portal is the O2 Slovakia knowledge base.

Information in various types and forms are stored in the knowledge database. Implementation of the O2 WORLD has brought the following benefits:

  • The customer has gained the completely outsourced solution including infrastructure
  • The sales network has all documents available for its operation and administrators have solid background for rapid and operative solution management.
  • We have managed to reduce time of searching information about a client from minutes to seconds.
  • We have achieved that by using the “3 clicks for everything!” rule (In the past, some operations required 9 or more clicks).

Important Facts

Used technologies: Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Microsoft Azure
The solution is available for more than 1,200 users
Searching for information with 3 clicks only

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