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The Most Important Step in Achieving Desired Goals is a User Training

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Introduction of the Customer

Portus Praha, z. ú. is a public-benefit corporation based in the Czech Republic with the main aim to help people with mental disabilities not to be excluded from the society. Through their projects, they support those people and help them have dignified accommodation, work and a possibility of self-development like anybody else. Within their scope of activities, they organize endowment events, trainings, educational courses, produce gift items and so called “delicacies with stories”. Their most famous activity is “Cihla” (“Brick”) – the nationwide beneficial charity collection and public enlightenment campaign.

“We had been planning the implementation of CRM into Portus for almost a year and the cooperation with Millennium quickly moved us towards our goal. We were thrilled because during the short period of time Oľga Rembish tailored the system to our needs and prepared training for the whole organization. Now we can take better care of our clients and donors. Many thanks on behalf of Portus!”
Gabriela Štěpánková
PR Manager, Portus Praha, z. ú.

How We Helped the Customer?

Every day work on Portus Praha’s charity projects required considerable amount of coordination efforts as well as the existence of a CRM system for the registration and effective management of its activities. In September 2017, in order to ensure it, Portus Praha turned to us with a request for pro bono services – to customise their Dynamics CRM system (which the organization had already implemented in-house without any customization) and provide a user training.

The initial analysis showed us that the implemented not customized CRM solution did not allow the organization to use the full potential of the CRM system and all its benefits.

Within the solution customization, we have implemented the following crucial CRM adjustments:

  • We have divided the existing entity “Account” into legal and natural persons;
  • On the “Account” entity – standard activities, contact persons, contact information (addresses, phone and email contacts) are recorded and displayed only to selected users according to set security rules;


  • Within the “Account” entity, we have implemented the register of various categories of contributions, e.g., charity events, voluntary donations, trainings, educational courses, gift items, “delicacies with stories” orders, etc.;
  • We have created individual entities with their own attributes for all the upper-mentioned categories of contributions;
  • We have enabled recording the “Leads” with their potential transformation into “Contacts” or “Accounts” (legal or natural entities) based on the launched business process;
  • We have significantly simplified the marketing campaign form;
  • We have created roles for users, so each user has an access only to the subjects and records they´re working with. It has ensured not only higher data security, but what is more, higher transparency of required information.

After the successful customization based on the client’s requirements, we have conducted a two-day training, during which the users from Portus Praha were given a guidance how to work with the newly designed system.

Dôležité fakty

A user training improves work with the system
The system adjusted to the customer´s needs
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