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How We Have Streamlined Collaboration on Projects for Erste Group Employees

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Introduction of the Customer

s IT Solutions AT Spardat GmbH is the Austrian IT solutions provider for Erste Bank and Sparkassen based in Vienna. It’s a member of Erste Group, which has the expanded network of nearly 2,600 branches in seven European countries and employs approximately 47,000 people.

“Cooperation with Millennium on our new collaboration portal Team Up was great experience for us. The agile implementation methodology allowed our full participation during the entire development process, so we could see the outcomes in a short period of time and the course of the project was smooth.”
Andre Waditschatka
Head of Unified Communications, sIT Solutions AT Spardat GmbH

How We Helped the Customer?

We have provided s IT Solutions with a solution streamlining cooperation on projects:

  • In Erste Group International, the mutual cooperation on projects was based on a platform using emails for sending information and documents and shared folders for exchanging files. Such collaboration, especially between individual departments and branches, was complicated and required considerable coordination efforts.
  • In order to move the group’s project collaboration to a higher level, the company approached us with a request to cooperate on implementation of a collaborative portal in December 2015.
  • The collaboration portal, which name “Team-Up” fits its essence the best, was implemented to the Austrian IT company on the Sharepoint 2013 platform. However, the functional ergonomics and visual aspects of the platform had to be customised to meet the client’s requirements.
  • The core of the entire collaborative portal includes the so-called team-based pages created by employees themselves for the purpose of project collaboration and the exchange of information and documents.
  • The solution was extended by a document library, blog section, forum and Wiki pages. Work productivity on projects is further enhanced by implemented features such as one click document editing, document commenting, sending of notifications, task assignment to individuals and monitoring. Clear dashboards visually display activities, tasks and overall project progress.

Important Facts

The project was managed by the agile methodology
The collaboration tool is based on the Microsoft technology
The solution brought considerable improvement of the team collaboration

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