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Introduction of the Customer

Sberbank CZ has been operating on the Czech market since 1993, since 1997 as a separate joint stock company. Its services are used by more than 125,000 active Sberbank CZ´s clients in the Czech Republic. The majority shareholder of the bank is Sberbank Europe AG seated in Vienna. Sberbank CZ is a part of the largest and fastest developing bank group in the world operating in 22 countries.

How We Helped the Customer?

For Sberbank CZ, we carried out an extensive analysis and Proof of Concept (PoC) related to the implementation of the CRM solution. Based on them, the bank is able to decide on a further innovative step towards digital transformation and suitability of implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 into the bank´s environment.

The bank´s essential requirement was the implementation of a solution which would:

  • streamline and innovate business and sales processes;
  • improve customer care and increase sales opportunities using latest technologies;
  • ensure integration with third parties´ systems and user-friendliness;
  • increase the speed of bank´s customer care by aggregation of all information into one system.

No less important were the bank´s requirements on the CRM system which contained user-friendliness and integration with third parties´ systems which would eliminate the need of searching information in both the various bank´s systems and outside the bank. Needless to say, aggregating all information into one system would several times increase the speed of the bank´s customer service.

The carried out PoC proved benefits of the implementation. The bank will gain a user-friendly CRM and the following benefits:

  • a 360-degree view on existing as well as potential clients;
  • an overview of business activities;
  • a tool for more effective preparation for meeting with clients;
  • more transparent and targeted management of follow-up activities.

Native reporting over the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform offers managerial overview of sales representatives´ and bank branches´ business activities as well as success of product sales. Based on the studies, Sberbank has opted for Microsoft Dynamics 365, the latest version of the cloud solution.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365
Transparent activity management
Simple integration with third parties' systems
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