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The Service Technicians are Well-Oriented in Orders Thanks to the Bigscreens Situated in the Car Shop

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Introduction of the Customer

Summit Motors Bratislava, spol. s r. o. is a daughter company of the Japanese Sumitomo Corporation owning the Ford car brand. It has been operating in the Slovak market since 2002. The company is the importer of Ford cars and operates a network of authorized FordCentrum service stations. It has been our customer since 2012.

How We Helped the Customer?

The authorized FordCentrum service has optimized the workload of body repair men and painters. The Car Repair Planner, a service delivered by Millennium operating in the Cloud solutions of Windows Azure, centrally plans the on-going daily workload and makes it available to workers.

Body repair men and painters are navigated through the bigscreens placed in the workshop. Immediately after completion of work, they know what car and what action follow. Based on the work sequence, the workers can mutually coordinate themselves and transfer vehicles if needed. The foreman is not required to interfere with these activities and the actual service works are carried out smoothly and in a coordinated way.

All the client needs to fulfil the tasks is a web browser. Besides the monthly utilization fees, no other unplanned costs regarding the IT infrastructure occur to Ford.

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