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How We Helped Tatra Banka Digitally Transform Its Internal Applications

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Introduction of the Customer

Tatra Banka is a part of the Austrian RBI Group and the first private bank in the Slovak Republic. It ranks among the top players in asset management, corporate and private banking and it´s a leader in innovations and digital banking.

"We want to provide our clients and customers with the highest possible comfort. In order to achieve it, we constantly development our services. We want our clients to have the possibility of solving most of their requirements online without a need of a personal contact, what saves them lots of time. Digital transformation of the applications which we are using internally helps us a lot. The requirements are now recorded immediately and solved in the shortest time possible based on their complexity."
Ján Vlach
Agile Transformation Manager, Tatra banka, a. s.

ImplementácieHow We Helped the Customer?

Tatra Banka decided to stop using Lotus application and transfer as many internal applications as possible into the online environment providing unlimited access to data, higher development and usage flexibility and, last but not least, higher security of sensitive data:

  • We have created a new application for the Tatra Banka´s technical support team solving various requirements of business clients via phone or e-mail. In case the requirements cannot be solved immediately, they are marked as planned tasks.
  • The application contains a weekly calendar displaying with free time slots. Requirements and activities planned for technical support are listed in the calendar. There is a possibility to create reports over those data with number of solved requirements.
  • The most valuable benefits for Tatra Banka are simplified data infrastructure and overall architecture of internal applications. The new solutions introduce effective usage of purchased licenses, simpler administration and technical support. Regarding employees, it brings user experience and native use of all applications.

Dôležité fakty

Development run by the agile methodology of project management
Further use of the platform - Power Apps, SharePoint Online and Power Automate
The application was delivered in 4 weeks
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