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BI reporting

The analytical tool can easily deal with non-transparent data and stands behind high-quality outcomes. It visualizes key data and offers a broader view on overall company performance. It also serves for effective managerial decision-making and makes setting of priorities easier.

Transparent and interactive reports

A comprehensive solution regarding reporting is built on the Microsoft Power BI platform providing online functions and services for intuitive work with data and their visualization.


How can BI reporting help you?


  • Data visualizations from various systems

  • Simple data analysis and report creation

  • Instant view on the current company status

  • Focus on key indicators

Managerial decision-making

  • High-quality overview of activities and overall company performance

  • Faster decision-making process in the area of strategic management

  • KPI metrics as a base for tracking employees´ success

  • Management of access rights for individual formations


  • Simpler interdepartmental collaboration

  • Strengthened data culture across the entire organization

  • Mobile application notifications and active data monitoring

  • Access to all data anytime and anywhere

Solution advantages

Intelligent decision-making

Unification of data coming from various sources and creation of innovative reports.


Efficiency and fluency of company processes in real time.


Saving of company resources and more effective spending.

„We were looking for a tool working like some kind of a superstructure over used ERP, visualizing data in a most readable form possible, enabling quick and right decisions, providing a platform for preparation for meetings with customers and management of the sales team activities. Thanks to the Microsoft Power BI Pro and outstanding performance of the Millennium implementation team, we have gained a fully compliant tool appreciated by the entire sales team from the very first moment for its simplicity and transparency."
Rastislav Virdzek
Director of the external sales, SLS-Technaco


We can make right decisions only if we have relevant data in a required structure, suitable form, sufficient amount and in right time. Microsoft Power BI for performance measurement and reporting provides visualization of all available data from various company systems and an important overview of the current company status.

Process Mining is an innovative technique enabling an analysis of company processes based on past events´ records stored in the company´s information systems. Based on these data, it´s possible to propose measures able to optimize and streamline company processes.

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