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“The online application has eliminated unnecessary administrative burden when creating orders. It has provided transparency and streamlined the purchasing process and processing of invoices. We consider digitization of this internal process to be a big step forward in which we want to continue.“
Jiří Babický
Head of Procurement, Internet Mall

How we Helped the Customer?

The application which we have delivered to Internet Mall together with our parent company Soitron, has unified and simplified management of some of the internal processes. Implementation of a central system has brought a more detailed overview of performed orders and invoices. At the same time, the management has gained a modern tool for managing expenses.

Before our cooperation started, Internet Mall had not had any central system for managing indirect orders and invoices. The entire approval process of indirect orders had run via e-mails, phone calls and in a paper form.

Unproductive exchange of relevant information had not been desired in terms of time and administrative load of the employees. Gradually, it had become more and more difficult for the management to keep track of ever-increasing orders and invoices. Therefore, the management had decided to streamline management of orders and invoices and provide the employees with higher comfort when processing them.

During the initial phase of the project, we performed a Proof of Concept (PoC) at the customer. We mapped the current situation, and together with the customer we chose the most effective technology with regards to expenses and set up a more detailed plan of the project implementation. The customer had already used Microsoft Office 365, so we could build the solution on the Microsoft Power Apps platform. As a connector to the na Power Apps, we used the Microsoft SharePoint platform.


The solution built on the Microsoft cloud technologies has streamlined management of indirect orders and invoices. The Online application has promoted digital transformation of the company. It has eliminated unnecessary administrative burden with regards to creation of internal orders. The process of approving requests has been significantly reduced, so the orders are dealt with faster by the individual departments.

The application is primarily designated for indirect orders and is used mostly by a purchasing department, legal department, financial department and members of the board. Using of the application has brought a more detailed overview of performed orders of goods and services.

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Introduction of the Customer

The company Internet Mall is a part of the Mall Group. Mall Group employs more than four thousand employees in the region and together they provide their services for 130 million people in Central and Eastern Europe. Besides the Czech Republic, the group operates also in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia. In 2021, the total revenue of the group reached 20.5 billion Czech crowns. The group delivered more than 13 million orders to 4.9 million customer. The Mall Group´s strategy is to create a whole platform of extended purchase-related services and functions with the aim to become synonymous with an e-commerce group of the 21st century. Since spring 2022, Mall has been a part of the e-commerce group Allegro Group. Allegro Group is a rapidly growing e-commerce platform for European customers and merchants. The Group seated in Luxemburg and listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange runs a foremost online market place in Central and Eastern Europe. The Polish domain ranks among top 10 of the most visited e-commerce web sites in the world and, at the same time, top 100 of the most visited web sites in the world. Allegro provides European customers with easy access to millions of offers for the best prices possible.

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