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CRM solutions

Besides having well-arranged data and improved work with them, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can provide you with an overview of the sales status and its future development. It helps to manage and automate sales, marketing and HR activities as well as other areas.

All relevant information at one place

Microsoft Dynamics 365 represents a unified platform of mutually interconnected applications covering comprehensive business processes and needs. Integration of all business applications allows companies to manage key areas comprehensively using one central system.

How can a CRM solution help you?


  • 360-degree view of a customer

  • Contracts and approval processes

  • Management of sales activities

  • Reporting focused on tracking set goals


  • Management of marketing campaigns and their automation

  • Web forms and landing pages

  • Creation of dynamic email content

  • Tools for receiving feedback and its evaluation

Customer service

  • Management of suggestions and requests with process flow

  • Product documentation

  • Automatic tracking of an inbound and outbound communication line with a customer

  • Unified user interface for agents

Solutions advantages


Online as well as offline solution availability whenever and from any electronic device.


Cost optimization, solution scalability and high-speed deployment.

Team collaboration

CRM solution helps interconnect work of various departments what improves customer experience.

„Data has become a key commodity. If a company can work with them effectively, it´s an important added value for customers meaning that they get what they truly need – a needs analysis, high-quality consultancy and, at the end, a product reflecting their needs. Of course, a high-quality tool for data management makes work of all our colleagues easier and more effective during the direct or indirect contact with a customer. It represents a basic pillar of our digital transformation lying not only in change of technical systems but also in transformation of our minds with the aim for all our steps and processes to be primarily customer-oriented. My big thanks belongs to all colleagues who have been involved in the CRM implementation as well as those who use it every day. Otherwise, our effort would have been in vain. And of course, my big thanks belongs as well to the Millennium team for their professional approach during the entire solution implementation period."
Juraj Ebringer
A member of the ČSOB executive board responsible for retail and private banking, ČSOB
„Together with Millennium, we have introduced in Slovenská sporiteľňa´s business centres a new tool for corporate client care - Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We have managed the entire preparation and implementation into the practice in a record-breaking time. The application offers many benefits. We see them mainly in simplified work with client data and more effective management of sales activities and business opportunities of sales representatives. At the same time, centralization of SME client data allows more transparent communication (and information sharing) among the bank business lines including engagement of product divisions into the corporate client care."
Peter Krutil
A member of the board responsible for corporate banking, Slovenská sporiteľňa
„For us, high-quality provision of customer care is on the first place. By implementation of the CRM system from Millennium, we have gained a basic pillar not only for achieving better understanding of our clients but also for strengthening our relationships with them and work with business opportunities."
Petr Tomášek
A manager of Sales processes and applications department, ČMSS
„Implementation of the Resco Cloud CRM system in our company has increased effectivity of planning service interventions by 30 % and KPIs of our sales representatives by 20 %, what has a positive impact on the company revenue."
Martin Kazmirsky
COO, Dental Fix


To build good relationships with customers and work with them effectively, it´s very important to record all phases of the sales process. Via the Sales Force Automation (SFA) module, you can manage all sales activities simply and thoroughly. Track, record and evaluate all activities performed in relation to a particular customer.

The solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform enables provision of end-to-end services, assisted and local services across all channels. Interconnect the solution with the latest technologies such as machine learning, voice biometry, IoT, chatbot/mailbot or CoBrowsing and easily make your customer love working with your company.

It´s nothing more important in business than a satisfied customer. The retention application is a tool simplifying customer care and targeted satisfaction of customer needs without unnecessary bothering. It also simplifies the process of gaining new and loyal customers.

Loan Processing System (LPS) is an information system managing, automating and significantly streamlining the entire loan product sales process. LPS saves finances and bank´s personal resources, strengthens financial institution´s reputation on the market and increases customer loyalty.

Frequently asked questions

We recommend our customers to implement a new solution as early as possible. Using the system is the best way how to verify its settings and collect early feedback necessary to perform corrections while it is still simple to do it.

In case of more complex requirements, we recommend to divide the solution implementation into smaller parts delivered to a customer continuously. More complex ones will be delivered later. Practically, the first version of a usable application can be delivered and deployed approx. in three or four weeks.

If you are satisfied with the functionalities provided by your existing system, we recommend you to continue using it. You only consider a new CRM solution if you find out that the functionalities are no longer sufficient.

It means that you need to:

  • work with consolidated customer data from various resources and in context;
  • have the possibility to track communication history;
  • manage work agenda
  • or track and evaluate company´s business activities more precisely.

Our solution is not a classic “out-of-the-box” solution which you install and use as it is. A CRM application built on Dynamics 365 is largely adjustable to your needs. It´s similar to furnishing a house or an apartment. The price cannot be set as a lump sum. It depends on many variables and complexity of your requirements. In general, we can say that interconnection of an application with external systems and automations have the highest impact on the solution price.

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