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Introduction of the Customer

Heineken Slovensko has been a leader on the Slovak beer market for more than 19 years
with a steady market share of approx. 42 %. Heineken Slovensko is a part of one of the largest
beer-brewing groups in the world - HEINEKEN N.V.
Heineken Slovensko is the largest beer-brewing company in Europe and the third largest in the world. In Slovakia, the brand is represented by three companies: Heineken Slovensko a. s., Heineken Slovensko Sladovne a. s. and Heineken Slovensko Distribúcia s r. o., which employ together more than 700 people throughout Slovakia.

“In our company, we are constantly looking for solutions providing our internal customer with added value in the form of modern user environment and comfort, quicker services, increased information transparency and availability, managed reporting, access to history, higher effectivity, and last but not least, reduced costs.”
Erik Páleš
Sales Support Manager, Heineken Slovensko, a. s.

How We Helped the Customer?

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its integration with already used systems has brought to Heineken Slovensko the following benefits:

  • The CRM system has become a unified storage of all relevant data for effective customer care, what has increased speed and quality of the whole sales process and solving customer requests. Heineken has gained a 360-degree view on its customers.
  • Dealing with customers´ requests via a telephone is now several times more efficient. There is no need to use physical phones anymore and the solution provides comfortable making and answering phone calls directly from the PC. A phone call with a customer automatically opens the customer file in the CRM system, where all important data for the operator handling the phone call or placing an order are available.
  • All sales activities of sales representatives and information about customers recorded in CRM are available also for telesales operators during the telephone contact with a customer. Telesales can follow up on work of sales and vice versa.
  • CRM as a unified storage of all the information provides immediate view of topical leaflet campaigns, sales campaigns targeted on customers as well as up-selling and cross-selling possibilities.
  • Transparent reporting for the company management and new view of customers help to make more effective managerial decisions.
  • Integration of the CRM system with the economic system saved a lot of money on software licenses, since Telesales employees use solely the CRM system.

Important Facts

The first FMCG company in Slovakia using online CRM
CRM is located in customer´s Azure cloud
The solution has increased quality and speed of customer care

The innovative application covered the entire process of approving business trips and at the same time preserved approval processes specific for Heineken Slovensko. Thanks to the application, the company has gained the following benefits:

  • A central tool for submitting a request for a business trip approval, a request for pre-payment approval and business trip settlement.
  • Digitization of the multilevel approval process.
  • Automation of internal processes.
  • Access to the application anytime from any electronic device.
  • Interconnection between the cloud application and the accounting system, thanks to which all the data necessary for business trips settlement and calculation of per diems or entitlement to meal vouchers are automatically transferred into the accounting system.
  • The possibility of accounting control.
  • Availability of relevant data for managerial reporting.
  • The possibility to insert various types of attachments into the requests (e.g. invoices, receipts, etc.)

Dôležité fakty

Covering the entire process of handling business trips
The application contains 3 types of forms
Nonstop access to the application

Power BI serves for data analysis enabling creation of transparent reports. In Heineken Slovakia, it visualizes key data and brings broader perspective on sales evaluation via the customer call centre. At the same time, it´s also used to measure sales success rate of individual phone operators. With Power BI, Heineken Slovakia can visualize the following data:

  • value of sold goods with packaging (VAT included) and without packaging (VAT included);
  • sales targeting (average monthly sales vs. expected monthly sales);
  • number of unique customers on daily basis with their orders;
  • performance of individual phone operators against total sales;
  • the average number of items per order or delivery.

Heineken Slovensko is considering further development of Power BI which would bring more comprehensive view on performed phone calls and other activities of the phone operators.

Important Facts

A better overview of the customer centre´s sales activities
The project was managed by the agile methodology
The solution was delivered within 2 weeks

Heineken Slovensko continues in digital transformation. Since we had implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Heineken Slovakia couple years ago, we suggested to build the new solution based on the same technology. After consultation with the customer, we opted for the “eshop” form, which was developed by adding CRM system functionalities and brought the following benefits:

  • The internal “eshop“ has significantly speeded up and made transparent the entire process of ordering marketing products.
  • Eliminated manual activities and reduced error rate when processing orders.
  • Up-to-date product catalogue with visually displayed products and detailed product specification.
  • Possibility of advanced filtration in the product catalogue and shopping cart with sorting by individual brands, classification, type of material and products.
  • Monitoring of budget spending.
  • Overview of current and future inventory – more effective planning.
  • Detailed information on products in previous orders.
  • Revision of orders from the coordinator PoS aimed to reduce costs.

Important Facts

A Finalist of Microsoft Awards 2019
The project was managed by the agile methodology
A Superstructure of the CRM solution

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