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Introduction of the Customer

TIPOS, národná lotériová spoločnosť, a. s. is a company solely owned by the state, whose shareholding rights are exercised by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic.
One of TIPOS’s key missions is to support numerous charitable projects in sport, the arts and the social sphere. It earns resources necessary for provision of the support by numerical lotteries, odds betting, online gambling and sales of scratch cards.

“Our web portal´s primary purpose is to increase awareness about our services, products and, last but not least, provide a transparent result service for our visitors and bettors. It is important to us that our clients meet with simple orientation, so they can find relevant information easily with just a couple of clicks. What is more, we have made work of our employees more effective thanks to the simple content management via intuitive administration, which significantly saves their time. The new web portal is a part of the systematic company strategy focusing on modernization, comfort of TIPOS fans and satisfaction of its employees.”
Ivana Skokanová
the spokeswoman, TIPOS

How We Helped the Customer?

We have delivered a new improved web portal to our long-term customer TIPOS, the national lottery company. New modern design offers much better user experience.

We delivered the first web portal for TIPOS in 2004. It has undergone several visual remakes since then with new functionalities added up. The original web site was built on the CMS platform called Arnia, which gradually became technologically obsolete.

Since TIPOS had been following latest trends in the IT world, they decided for comprehensive makeover of the entire web site, change of technology as well as content adjustments. The new web is built on the CMS platform Orchard Core based on the Microsoft technologies.

Together with TIPOS, we have just accomplished the first phase of the project aimed mainly to ensure full access to all relevant data not only from desktops but also from mobile devices. We have managed it thanks to its responsive design. The already mentioned technological upgrade of the CMS platform and solution infrastructure played an important part as well.

The main benefits delivered to the customer within the first project phase are:

  • a new modern web site;
  • full access to all data from desktops as well as mobile devices;
  • ergonomic administration of the content via intuitive system administration;
  • a robust system taking into account future development and solution sustainability.

TIPOS, the national lottery company, has prolonged its partnership with Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee (SOSC). This year again, TIPOS stands by the Slovak sportsmen representing Slovakia at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. In an extremely short period of time, our team prepared a web page promoting the partnership and gathering relevant social network posts.

Recently, we have informed that we participated in launching a new TIPOS web site. Modern design has brought better user experience. The Orchard Core CMS platform which the web portal has been built on, offers many opportunities for its further development. One of them is creation of thematic pages with various content.

TIPOS, as an exclusive partner of Summer Olympics in Tokyo approached us with a request to prepare such a thematic web section. Without hesitation, we responded to the needs of our customer and delivered the entire project, from its design to deployment into operation, within one week. The thematic page offers an overview of the most interesting news from behind the scenes of the Slovak olympians.

We are glad that thanks to our expertise, we can promote communication regarding such an extraordinary event as the Summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo definitly are.

In order to promote its priorities, the Ministry decided to implement an innovative project, yet not seen in the Western world, called the National receipt lottery.

The primary objective of the National Receipt Lottery project was to improve effectiveness of VAT collection by eliminating fraudulent behaviour of some business owners, who had not issued receipts or issued incorrect receipts when selling goods or providing services. Their customers, the citizens of the Slovak Republic should have been more motivated to actively ask for receipts. They could have registered their receipts in the National Receipt Lottery system and win attractive prizes, from a financial reward to a car. The state-owned business entity TIPOS, národná lotériová spoločnosť, a. s., was entrusted with the operation.

  • Our company prepared a web application for registration of receipts and players. With respect to current trends of using mobile applications, we prepared versions for operation systems Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows Phone. The solution was hosted in a datacentre of a significant telecommunication operator and designed to cope with extreme traffic.
  • The National Receipt Lottery made popular the idea of fair behaviour of salesmen regarding VAT.
  • With minimum costs, the Slovak citizens became the controllers of VAT collection. During the first month of the operation, the delivered application brought seven times higher number of incentives for inspection.

Dôležité fakty

Access to the National Receipt Lottery available via a web site or a mobile application
Elimination of fraudulent behaviour
Seven times higher number of incentives for inspection

TIPOS decided to extend its portfolio by adding a new consumer competition named “WEATHER WITH TIPOS” and approached us with a request to create a subpage with informational and promotional content.

We have created a new module on the portal by extending the functionalities of the CMS system built on .NET technology.

The new information web site offers all relevant information about the consumer competition for bettors:

  • temperature measurement spots;
  • temperature measurement outcomes;
  • the way how to join the competition.

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