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19. November 2019

We were at the launch of a new customer SMS competition named “POČASIE S TIPOSOM”

For our long-term customer TIPOS, we have expanded the portal by a new section, which informs you on how you can join the guessing of temperature on various spots in Slovakia and win interesting prizes.

TIPOS, the national lottery company in form of joint stock company, belongs to our regular customers from 2004. In the past, we implemented to TIPOS various solutions well-known in Slovakia enabling comfortable betting.

We continue this trend. TIPOS decided to broaden its portfolio by a new customer competition named “POČASIE S TIPOSOM” and approached us with a request to create a subpage with informational and promotional content.

Počasie s Tiposom

Detailed information on the web page

By expansion of functionalities in the CMS system built on .NET technology, we created a new module on the portal.

The new information web site offers all relevant information on customer competition for bettors:

  • temperature measurement spots;
  • temperature measurement outcomes;
  • the way how to join the competition.

The prize belongs to those who will guess the most accurate temperature measured on a concrete spot in Slovakia each Sunday at 12 PM.

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