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The Solution Represents a Modern Knowledge Base Providing Raiffeisenbank´s Employees with Up-To-Date and Unified Information About Products and Procedures

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“The solution focused on knowledge management provides our employees with always up-to-date and unified data on products and procedures. It serves as an important source of used on daily basis. Thanks to its development, we have gained other functionalities which have brought us better insight and help us work more effectively.”
Jan Čížek
Sales Support Specialist, Raiffeisenbank, a. s.

How We helped the Customer?

We have enriched the Knowledge Management tool in cooperation with our parent company Soitron with new functionalities, which have further streamlined the agenda of the bank´s employee.

Since the tool covers management of the entire life cycle of so called “articles” (note: a common name for any materials necessary for internal purposes – terms, directives, procedures, regulations, etc.), the bank management cared about its further development and practical use across various departments.

The functionality extension has affected the following parts of the solution:

Archiving zone serves for archiving articles with expired validity.

Its development has provided:

  • creation of well-arranged archives sorted by years;
  • notifications – notifying about a need to prepare an archive – when the number of articles exceeds a certain level, it notifies that such articles need to be archived;
  • comprehensive search across all zones and archives.

Connection between Article archive and Active Directory (AD)

  • a possibility to limit articles to be read only by selected employees and main organizational units from AD;
  • a possibility of providing targeted information about news for selected organizational units;
  • an ability to verifiably acquaint the employees with methodologies in the Article archive;
  • to prepare environment for further development.

Tracking changes in articles

  • possibility of tracking changes in articles, e.g., who has performed the changes or who has changed the setting of authorizations.

Identification of inactive users

  • administrators of articles have a possibility to simply identify those who are not the owners, commentators or approvers of individual articles;
  • they can as well easily change owners of the articles as well as owners of the tasks which need to be finished.

Data migration from the Equa bank

  • at the beginning of this year, Equa bank merged with Raiffeisenbank;
  • within the fusion we have provided data migration  (e.g., an overview of write-off operations, accounting documents, various requests, claims, complaints, internal audits, payments, security information, etc.) from Equa bank and their integration into the RBook archive zone, which has provided access to Equa bank´s documents in the RB directory structure.

For our customer, we have implemented the Knowledge Management system named Rbook. The solution is a modern knowledge database providing Raiffeisen employees with up-to-date and unified information via so called “articles” (information about particular bank products, internal processes, procedures, manuals and norms).

The main ambition of Raiffeisenbank was to cover the entire process of creating, commenting, approving, publishing and archiving the “articles” and share them transparently among the bank employees. For this purpose, Raiffeisenbank had used a solution based on the Lotus Notes technology. However, it became technologically obsolete and encountered several user pitfalls. So, the bank decided to replace the old system with a modern Knowledge Management solution based on the Microsoft SharePoint technology.

The delivered solution has brought the customer the following benefits:

  • Streamlined work with internal information thanks to simple creation, approval and publication of articles, the possibility of intuitive search of information or quick export of the articles into PDF;
  • all important and up-to-date information on products, directives, standards, procedures and bank processes are available to employees and ensures unified compliance with internal policy;
  • unified communication towards the clients – thanks to the information on bank products, current campaigns or performed changes, the employees at bank branches and call centres can provide their clients with up-to-date and accurate information;
  •  individual departments have the most important and personalized information displayed in transparent dashboards;
  • visually attractive design and user-friendly system environment thanks to the redesign of the system
  • a modern and flexible solution based on the Microsoft SharePoint technology with potential of further development.

Important facts

Modern design and user-friendly environment
A flexible solution on the Microsoft SharePoint platform
Comprehensive use of the Microsoft 365 products

The Case Study Available to Download

Introduction of the Customer

Raiffeisenbank is a universal bank operating on the Czech market since 1993. According to overall assets, it´s the fifth largest bank in the Czech Republic. Its portfolio of bank products consists of keeping personal and corporate accounts, providing loan, investments or saving products as well as consulting services for corporate clients.

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