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Introduction of the Customer

The Czechoslovak Commercial Bank (ČSOB) is one of the foremost Slovak banks with more than 50-year tradition. It provides its services to retail clients, small and medium entrepreneurs, and corporate as well as private banking clients. Besides having the comprehensive offer of bank products, it stands out also thanks to the implementation of the bancassurance concept and its personal approach. The bank portfolio comprises of current accounts, term deposits, consumer and mortgage loans, credit cards as well as various other products, e.g., life or non-life insurance, mutual funds, leasing or building savings.

“Data has become a key commodity. If a company can work with them effectively, it´s important added value for the customers getting what they truly need – a needs analysis, high-quality consultancy and, finally, a product reflecting their needs. Of course, a high-quality tool for data management makes work of all our colleagues easier and more effective during direct or indirect contact with a customer. It represents a basic pillar of our digital transformation consisting of both the technical exchange of systems and transformation of our minds with the aim for all our steps and processes to be primarily customer-oriented. My big thanks belong to all colleagues who have been involved into the CRM implementation as well as those who use it every day, otherwise, our effort would have been in vain. And of course, my big thanks belong to the Millennium team for their professional approach during the entire solution implementation period.“
Juraj Ebringer
A member of the ČSOB executive board responsible for retail and private banking, ČSOB Financial Group

How we Helped the Customer?

In 2020, our company delivered to ČSOB a CRM application built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform materializing the bank´s digital strategy.

  • The aim of the application is to provide all users – from bank branches through the call centre and corporate banking to the back office – with a unified and modern front-end tool for management of existing as well potential clients and related activities. The CRM application is used by hundreds of employees daily.
  • The solution aggregates all relevant information in one place regardless of the source channel and makes customer care across all segments more effective and personal. Besides, it serves as a key data source for knowing the client.
  • The CRM solution tailor-made for ČSOB over the well-proven Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology is a user-friendly and transparent tool taking into account its business priorities.
  • Estimated overall number of users in next five years will exceed 2000. ČSOB digital transformation does not end by the launch of the application. It´s a continual strategic project going on across the entire group.

In 2019, we made the existing CRM system available for ČSOB employees dealing with the segment of entrepreneurs and small companies.

  • The existing RM Tool, like ČSOB named their CRM system, was primarily used only by employees providing services to corporate clients. Thanks to the CRM system, they have gained a comprehensive overview of clients and products as well as a tool for work agenda management or tracking of business pipelines.
  • However, such a system would be very beneficial also for employees who are responsible for the segment of entrepreneurs and small companies (Micro segment). To administer key data, they previously used tools which were not mutually connected. Communication became more and more intricate, so the management of the company decided to extend the functionalities of the existing CRM and include another segment.
  • Employees administering the segment of entrepreneurs and small companies have now all relevant data in one place what has a positive impact on their work effectivity. Thanks to the implemented changes, the management has gained an overview of daily agenda of its employees or unfinished work tasks within given time period.

Important Facts

The key tool has simplified internal processes
A comprehensive overview of client data
The tailor-made solution over the Microsoft technology

In 2017, we have successfully finalized and put into production operation another significant innovation of the CRM solution aimed to achieve set vision – to create a key tool for relationship management of corporate banking clients.

RM Tool, as the CRM system for corporate banking in ČSOB is called, represents, after the second phase of its development, a comprehensive CRM solution meeting all expectations one could have from a modern system for customer relationship management.

Except the “standard” functionalities, the solution offers several innovative and very useful functions:

  • Unified 360° view on a client connecting client data from various internal and external resources, such as CRIBIS.
  • Management of client-related users´ activities and work agenda is connected directly to Outlook.
  • Management of portfolio and the life-cycle of a client – from a target to a client, including the integration with the bank´s master-client system.
  • Business pipeline tracking and business process management – from acquisition to transaction.
  • Process of price exemption approval.
  • The electronic signature when dealing with a customer outside the bank branch.

Important Facts

Tracking of the entire business process
Approving price exemptions
Electronic signature

In March 2016, the new CRM version for the bank was successfully implemented into production. The project of migration from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to version 2015 lasted 6 months. Fluent transition from one version to another was crucial. Thanks to our professionality and previous experience of our experts, we succeeded.

  • One of the main goals of the project was to revise and implement a new functionality representing the biggest business challenge. This functionality could significantly raise efficiency of the approval process regarding requests for price exemptions on bank products.
  • Československá obchodná banka used to process the applications for price exemptions through classic e-mail. Thanks to the new application, users can enter all types of price exemptions directly into CRM when dealing with corporate clients, process them and, finally, approve them.
  • Another valuable benefit is native integration of the application with Outlook, what offers planning of agenda in familiar environment and contextual data connection with records in CRM. Československá obchodná banka plans further development of the solution as a key technological platform for its relationship management.

Important Facts

Migration to a newer version of Microsoft Dynamics
More effective approval process
Elimination of e-mail communication

In 2011, we delivered to our customer a bespoke web app for online conclusion of contracts for selected insurance products, such as travel insurance, car insurance and household insurance.

  • The project includes design of user interface and testing its utilization on the selected sample of users.
  • The application includes direct access for call centres´ employees with its own front-end solution, automated transformation of contracts into the production environment of the insurance company, as well as the possibility of paying by payment cards or ČSOB direct payment button.

The visual has been designed in line with the corporate design of the whole financial group. The web page serves mostly as the source of information and data for clients and bank partners.

It is thematically divided into four units – People, Companies, Private Banking and Financial Group. Within the web page, the ČSOB financial group´s subsidiaries have been presented as well. The web page is built on the content management system “CMS Arnia”. The page is administrated by dozens of editors with various authorization levels.

The absence of an effective customer relationship management tool led to the ČMSS’s decision to implement the CRM system, while strategically opting for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • The solution implementation took place during the replacement of all major banking systems, referred to as the “CBS Programme” (Core Banking System).
  • The largest building and loan association in the Czech Republic has gained a tool providing its employees with the so-called 360-degree view on client data and a flexible platform for further system development. In the long run, the solution will not lead only to more effective relationship management but also costs spent on software solutions will be significantly reduced.

Important Facts

One central solution aggregating all data at one place
The solution provides a 360-degree view on clients
Intuitive and transparent user interface

A bespoke web application is a working tool for agents who need information about the clients, their insurance policies, portfolios as well as details of individual insurance policies. The solution contains so-called “Report Management” – a periodic generation of pre-defined reports. The system also enables its users to create individual reports based on the selected sorting criteria.

The solution enables sharing of materials and documents for the internal sales distribution network through the Internet. The original extranet application ceased to meet the company´s requirements anymore, so we decided to change user interface, implement new functionalities and deploy the solution into the new version of the Arnia CMS content management system.

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