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How We Helped Slovenská sporiteľna Streamline Work with Clients from Various Segments

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Introduction of the Customer

Slovenská sporiteľňa, as a bank with the longest history in the Slovak republic, has been operating in our country since the 19th century. With 2,4 million clients, it is the biggest commercial bank in Slovakia. It provides wide range of banking products for its clients – from current accounts through term deposits, loans and the payment system to electronic banking services and mobile applications. The bank is a member of the international financial group Erste Group Bank AG. The bank prefers pro-active individual approach towards clients based on professional financial guidance and mutual trust.

“Within the project of migrating the CRM application into the new Dynamics 365 cloud solution, we cooperate with the same supplier as 8 years ago. We believe that this project will be just as successful and our new core system for corporate clients will provide higher data dynamism, flexibility and now possibilities of interaction with a client.”
Jozef Jackuliak
Head of the LAB of client prosperity of companies, Slovenská sporiteľňa, a. s.

How We Helped the Customer?

Besides the high-quality products, Slovenská sporiteľňa provides its corporate and private clients with top-notch consulting services with innovations and modern digital solutions playing the major role. Our company helps the bank to fulfil this strategy by migration and modernization of the CRM cloud solution.

Slovenská sporiteľňa, the largest commercial bank in Slovakia, ranks among our significant customers. In the past, we were a part of multiple projects which streamlined work of the employees and improved customer care.

The bank´s priority is to constantly provide the latest services in the world of finances. Adequate system support in the form of modern and well-established technology is an inseparable part of this strategy. It is exactly the reason why the bank decided to upgrade the CRM solutions for corporate and private banking. Microsoft Dynamics 365, the chosen cloud business platform, provides lots of functionalities and benefits to create a system as a source of relevant client information and helping bank employees to effectively and comfortably provide consulting and sales services together with related service.

With the cloud CRM solution, the bank will gain multiple benefits:

  • more flexible and faster development of solutions, helping the bank to promptly respond to ever-changing business needs and priorities.
  • sophisticated functionalities such as predictive AI tools.
  • availability of the application on the employees´ devices directly at the client anytime and anywhere.

“We truly appreciate the trust of Slovenská sporiteľňa in our services. We believe that thanks to our experience, skills, hard work and skilful team which I am truly proud of, we can help the bank to fulfil its ambitious goals. “We enjoy banks” and I hope this project will prove it,“ added Richard Sládek, Finance Business Unit Lea at Millennium with a smile on his face.

Since it is a crucial solution, our common goal is to deliver it in a shortest time possible, so the bank can start to use its benefits as soon as it gets.

The CAFE application (Credit Application Front End) is built on the LPS (Loan Processing System) solution which automates and streamlines the course of the entire loan products sales process in the SME segment – from the client´s arrival to the bank branch, through automatic generation of contractual documentation to monitoring loan repayment. It enables quick reactions on market needs, effective management of contractual types and, finally, it contributes to saving costs and reducing risk related to the human factor during the loan sales process.

Slovenská sporiteľňa has gained a tool providing the management with nonstop access to up-to-date information on number and status of ongoing loan products applications. The CAFE application has been integrated with the CRM system already used by the bank.

Slovenská sporiteľňa´s portfolio contains more than 30% companies from the SME segment. Client data as well as records concerning relationships with individual clients used to be processed in various systems and were not available at one place. The Erste Group had already known Microsoft Dynamics CRM and used its advantages. It had been used for work with large corporate clients. This experience was the reason why Slovenská sporiteľná decided to implement a similar solution also for the SME segment.

  • The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 platform forms the basis for relationship management with Slovenská sporiteľňa´s corporate clients. The system provides a comprehensive view on the client and at the same time a robust platform for further development of CRM functionalities and its integration with other applications.
  • Slovenská sporiteľňa gained a full-value solution for corporate customer relationship management in the SME segment in a very short time.
  • The solution has introduced better data transparency in the form of a comprehensive 360-degree view on a customer and faster access to data.
  • Connection of the standard MS Outlook to MS Dynamics CRM 2013 and the possibility of their synchronization.
  • The CRM solution provides simple search, overview and selection of existing as well as potential clients, check of business opportunities status and a list of planned and performed activities.
  • Thanks to our solution, the product departments are now involved directly in customer care.

Important Facts

Placement in the Microsoft Awards contest
Higher- quality data and increased employees´ effectivity
Targeted care of the SME segment clients

SLSP Private Banking (EPB) administers assets of approximately 1,500 clients in its portfolio of total value more than 800 million Eur. The agenda and client data were processed via several tools, excel tables, word files, etc. Those were not mutually connected and cooperation of employees was often complicated and ineffective. The best possible way how to change it was to implement a unified system for management of client information and data – Customer Relationship management (CRM).

The solution joins all the employees of the private banking at one system. No more sending of various versions of the same documents, emails, charts etc. Thanks to the numerous CRM functionalities tailored to customer´s needs, work and cooperation of the employees is more effective, and all the important tools are under one roof.

Among the main functionalities belong:

  • a client card providing all necessary client data at one place;
  • notifications in CRM and notification emails;
  • new opportunities management;
  • marketing functionalities;
  • meeting planner interconnected with MS Outlook (emails display directly in CRM);
  • a possibility to write down minutes from meetings and plan further steps;
  • setting access authorization for individual types of positions.

Important Facts

Integration with internal bank systems
Well-arrange reporting
Targeted private banking customer care

The company lacked any central system for management of business activities. The company decided to implement a central solution. After considering numerous advantages of an online solution, it decided for implementation of the Microsoft Office 365 a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM). Thanks to the solution, the company has gained a system providing effective management of business opportunities.

The implemented solution allows its users to:

  • effectively manage the entire business process, tasks and business opportunities;
  • get a customer overview thanks to a 360-degree view of all important data;
  • record potential as well as existing customers within one system;
  • access to data from anywhere and from any electronic device;
  • record all opportunities in the central system;
  • track the status and evaluate business offers;
  • get a managerial view on business processes;
  • automate business activities;
  • create and manage email campaigns.

The entire project was managed by the agile methodology. The users are S Slovensko´s employees, namely the sales team and back-office team.

Important Facts

Automation of routine tasks
Available anytime and from any device
Aggregation of data from the ERP system

To Erste Private Banking, we have implemented a modern CRM system, the main aim of which was to increase speed and quality of private banking customer care. We have delivered a central system aggregating all data at one place. Important information is now available anytime, anywhere and from any devices.

CRM system provides users with numerous benefits:

  • easier management of business activities;
  • a client card containing all the data on clients and current situation on the investment market,
  • warning notifications;
  • unification of business communication;
  • a possibility to record meeting minutes and plan activities;
  • use of marketing functionalities.

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