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The Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic

The Communication Between Financial Administration and Slovak Citizens Runs Electronically What Has Eliminated Personal Contact of the Administration Office Employees and the Citizens and Saved Taxpayers´ Time and Money

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Introduction of the Customer

The Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic was established on 1 January 2012 as a merger of the Customs administration and Tax administration. The main mission of the Financial Administration of the SR is to meet the revenue side of the state budget of the SR and the budget of the European Union by effective collection administration of customs and taxes; to protect the economic interests of the state and to protect the expenditures of the state budget of the SR. It has been our client since 2013.

“I consider the introduction of the portal to be an important milestone in the history of the Financial Administration as it will contribute to significantly easier electronic communication for tax subjects. “
František Imrecze
President of the Financial Administration of the SR, The Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic

How we Helped the Customer?

At the beginning of 2014, the obligation for the VAT payers to file their tax returns became solely electronically. This called for the creation of an independent portal which could effectively and transparently replace two previously independent institutions.

For the end customer, the Financial Directorate of the SR, we developed a portal integrating two previously separately existing portals: Tax Administration portal ( and Customs Administration portal ( The goal of the project was to create a unified communication interface, unify the original solutions and facilitate the use of services provided by the Financial Administration to the external environment, all within the date stipulated by the law.

We have introduced the following benefits:

  • the portal is the first full-valued portal for both customs and tax part;
  • portal navigation is adapted to the visitor´s requirements, making the page orientation easier;
  • we brought transparency;
  • the communication of the tax office with citizens is carried out electronically, thus the personal contact of the employees of the Financial Administration and the citizens has been eliminated. This solution also saves time and money of taxpayers.

Dôležité fakty

Simplification of communication with tax subjects
Transparent navigation for portal visitors
Transparent electronic communication with citizens

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