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The Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic

The Update of the Web Portal Has Made It Easier for Citizens to Find information

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Introduction of the Customer

The Ministry of Economy is a central body of state administration for the area of industry, power engineering and trade. It´s responsible for domestic and foreign trade and ensures coordination of the European Union domestic trade policy, creation and implementation of the investment policy or protection of minerals.

How We Helped the Customer

Within the project consisting of the web portal update for the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, we have implemented:

  • Transition to a more flexible CRM system
  • Web portal redesign based on the latest UX and UI trends
  • Simplification of a complex structure of information layout
  • Migration of large amount of data

Based on the results of analytical tools, we designed a new web portal design and layout for Ministry of Economy both following current UX and UI trends. Among the most important benefits of the new web portal belong transition to a more flexible CMS system and, above all, simplification of the portal structure previous version of which was too complicated. By its optimization, we have managed to simplify information search and provide portal users with a friendly solution.

Implementation of the new portal was associated with the need for data migration which underwent automatically combined with manual intervention into the process. During the transition into the new system, we migrated:

  • 17,500 documents to be downloaded (pdf files)
  • 4,000 static text documents
  • 13,500 multimedia files
  • 3,500 press releases

You can find the web portal of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic here.

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Quick migration of large amount of data
Flexible publishing system
Modern user environment
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