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7. October 2019

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing: A comprehensive solution for event management

The most common myth is that a CRM system serves only for sales departments. However, CRM can be used for management of marketing activities, customer service or field work. If you are looking for a tool which could simplify the event management process, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing can be useful.

Management of events for existing as well as potential clients requires plenty of time, proper planning, responsible budget management and preparation of quality marketing content.

The entire process can be outsourced to the hands of an event agency which can take care of all the management, or you can deal with it on your own. Microsoft offers the Microsoft Dynamics 365 module for Marketing, which represents a comprehensive tool for management of marketing activities in one place.

marketing modul

The cloud module Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a robust extension with a wide range of features enabling effective management of marketing campaigns related to event management. The solution contains great number of automated tools for segmentation, evaluation and lead scoring. Thanks to the pre-set marketing content, creation of emails and forms becomes a quick and pleasant job.

The solution offers:

  • all relevant information in one place;
  • preparation and tracking the progress and status of event;
  • creation of attractive marketing content and its distribution to selected contact segments;
  • evaluation of success of sent campaigns (e.g. delivered and open emails, number of clicks on individual links) and activities;
  • reporting results of marketing activities via transparent dashboards.

Dynamics 365 dashboards

An independent platform or a part of CRM

The module can be a part of an already existing CRM solution, thanks to which the same database of contacts and business relationships is used and, subsequently, business and service activities of a company are supported. Various departments mutually share information of customers, even though each department deals only with its own agenda.

There is another option of using this solution as ”Stand-alone” tool, which allows company to use only the module for managing marketing activities. In such a case, there is no need to implement other CRM modules within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, because the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing can be used independently.

How Dynamics 365 for Marketing helps to manage an event?

Marketing content – preparation of visual, text or other content necessary for creation of marketing emails, landing pages or forms. Thanks to „Drag and Drop“ editors, creation of content is quick and simple for every user. Advanced users can switch to HTML editor.

Event management – a process consists of several extensive phases, which helps users to completely prepare and track an event step by step. Events work area is designated for planning and preparing a budget, event promotion, attendee registration and sessions management. Essential part of event management is a final analytics tool for evaluation the success and return on investments.

Segments definition – based on the criteria and filters, the system can establish a group of the right contact persons related to the planned event.

Customer journey – thanks to the effective creation of extensive marketing campaigns consisting of several steps, it is possible to focus on selected segments, send marketing emails and respond to interactions with contact persons. Besides, before the customer journey is launched, the system checks the prepared campaign – if there are any bugs or if some content required by law is missing.

Lead scoring – setting of automatic creation of leads and their scoring based on given rules can follow the cooperation with the sales department, which can subsequently work with open leads.


dynamics 365 journey


For what kind of companies is the solution suitable?

  • „Microsoft-friendly“ companies willing to use other possibilities of Microsoft products and build an extension for their CRM solutions, which would make their marketing activities more effective;
  • event agencies dealing with organization of congresses, conferences, webinars, presentations, parties and other social activities;
  • trade fairs and exhibitions organizers;
  • large corporate companies internally organising events for their employees or clients;
  • commercial companies organising, for example, open days and other presentation events for their existing as well as potential customers;
  • showrooms and exhibition halls inviting interested persons to public events and workshops.

Would you like to find out more about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 module for Marketing? Do not hesitate and contact us, we will be pleased to offer you a free consultation.

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