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1. October 2014

We have migrated to Cloud!

Our Slovak office has undergone another big change in addition to moving to the new office. We got rid of the server room. Since September 2014, all our company IT infrastructure consisting of more than 60 servers, has been operated in Microsoft Azure cloud.

When we began 15 years ago, we bought our first server and we were extremely proud of it. Today we find ourselves in a situation when we have 60 servers we operate and the capacity is insufficient. With the move to new office space we were solving the issue of whether to build a new, larger server room or begin using cloud services.

Because we ourselves believe in the benefits of cloud services, which we convince our clients about on a daily basis, the decision-making process was easy. We opted for the Microsoft Azure service. We managed the transfer of the data and application as such without any problems in several days

One month following this change we can indicate significant savings of financial resources compared to the original expectations. We can already now claim with certainty that migration of our IT infrastructure was not only technologically, but also financially a sound decision.

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