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17. September 2020

A Cloud Application Makes Recording More Effective and Automates Drafting Contracts

The management of YIT Slovakia was interested in a more effective contract review and approval process what we achieved by implementing an application built on the SharePoint Online platform.

YIT Slovakia was established in 2010 after the acquisition with the multinational YIT group. Today, it belongs to the relevant developing and constructing companies in the Bratislava region. With its projects, it offers high-quality living and office and retail space.

YIT Slovakia constantly tries to introduce various innovations not only towards its clients but also within the organization. To pursue this, the management decided to make the contract review and approval process more effective.

This process ran primarily via e-mail communication, however, it was too lengthy. An employee in charge of the contract had to laboriously summarize all the comments from various versions of the document. Therefore, the company management decided to find a solution which would automate the contract review and approval process.

After initial consultations, we offered the client to develop an application built on the Microsoft SharePoint Online cloud service, which promotes sharing and processing of documents via the Microsoft Power Automate service able to automate work flows, synchronize files and pass information via notifications.


Aké zlepšenia priniesla SharePoint aplikácia?

The application contains pre-approved contract templates, so the responsible person can pick the one that suits the best. Within the selected template, the responsible person fills in data such as the type of the contract, the contract owner, the amount of fulfilment, a supplier, the name of the project and other important information.

After summarizing and completing the draft contract, the process connected to contractual documentation begins. The contractual documentation consists of a document file with the contract and supporting documents:

  • based on the attributes filled in the contract, the system automatically identifies employees from individual departments, whose competency is to review given contract;
  • competent persons are informed via an e-mail notification;
  • the application enables to delegate reviewing on some other person by resending of a notification e-mail;
  • the reviewing itself can be performed directly from the e-mail using the attached form, so it´s not necessary to open the link to the application;
  • inserted comments are stored on the Microsoft SharePoint Online platform in a structured form, e.g. name of the commenting person, time of inserting the comments, reservations, status of commenting, other;
  • the contract owner is notified on a status of the review process individually and when the process is finished, he/she receives summary information;
  • after incorporation of all comments, the contract approval process running under the similar conditions than the review process begins, but with fewer people involved.

The solution has provided the customer with the following benefits:

  • an effective tool for contract review and approval;
  • automatic selection of commenting persons based on the competency matrix;
  • simple delegation to other person;
  • repeated notification in case a competent person will not submit his/her comments within 5 days;
  • automatic generation of the cover letter containing complete information on the entire review and approval process;
  • a unique numbering of individual documents files for easy identification and searching;
  • a possibility to enter the application from mobile devices anytime and from anywhere.

The project was managed by the agile methodology with a possibility of further development. It was implemented in close cooperation with the customer and lasted 6 weeks.

If you are looking for a solution which would make your company processes more effective, do not hesitate and contact us. We are ready to go through your requirements together and suggest an optimal solution for you.

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