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2. December 2019

Artificial Intelligence in PowerApps reacts on current business needs

The world of technology moves forward every day. Studies have proved that more and more companies use artificial intelligence. This demand has been reflected also by Microsoft, a world IT leader, by adding AI Builder to the PowerApps platform. It offers many functionalities providing automation and making your company processes more effective.

Recently, we have added an article on how Microsoft PowerApps portals can help you share data with external partners in a safe manner.

PowerApps as the Microsoft Office 365 service

To use PowerApps, you need to have bought the Microsoft Office 365 and a license for every user with the access to the application.

The PowerApps platforms introduces a solution reflecting the current situation in the world of business, which is increased pressure on implementation of shorter projects not consuming the annual budget of a company and raise of artificial intelligence remodelling operation of the company.

Thanks to the Microsoft PowerApps AI Builder, an artificial intelligence platform with „low-code“, you can unburden your employees from many routine activities.

In G&J Pepsi company, we have used AI Builder and PowerApps to develop another generation of the Store Audit App, which ensures better mobility and makes the work of our field workers more effective. Using AI Builder, we have developed an AI model for automatic identification of our products via object detection. Field workers, whose main role is checking products directly in the shops, only take pictures of the products and let AI builder do the rest.” Eric McKinney, Enterprise Business Systems Manager, G&J Pepsi

What advantages does Microsoft PowerApps AI Builder offer?

Automatic data processing

This functionality can extract data in predefined structure from any kind of documents. Based on your initial definition of information you need to extract from the documents, the text is automatically identified. This function can help you when processing simple data from tax declarations or invoices.

AI Builder Form


Text classifiation on the historical data

Text classification automatically marks a new text based on the historical data. AI Builder can classify unstructured text data stored in Common Data Service into your own business categories. The functionality can be used to detect spams, assign customers´ requests or carry out a predictive analysis. Text classification can help you automate and scale business processes.

AI Builder text

Simple object identification

Object detection can calculate, locate and identify selected objects on a picture of any kind.  It serves for automation of business processes in several industries. For example, in retail, it can simplify management of supplies, or, in the manufacture industry, it can speed up the repair process.

AI Builder Picture


Scanning of business cards within couple seconds

The Business card reader in PowerApps AI Builder offers quick scanning. Thanks to the driver, you can extract contact details from business cards or pictures taken by mobile phones

Binary classification to estimate future development

The AI model of binary classification uses historical data to estimate whether new data belong to one of two categories. It can predict future business outcomes by searching known formulas in new data. Thanks to this, it can analyse any business question which can be answered by yes / no or true / false or other.

AI Builder represents an added value of the Microsoft PowerApps platform. This modern platform dynamically develops and constantly brings new ways of its use. In times of digital transformation, it occupies an important place among cloud solutions setting trends for upcoming period.

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