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22. April 2024

Artificial Intelligence in the Spotlight

Our IT experts attended a conference and seminar dominated by artificial intelligence. Participants were introduced to its advantages and how to start implementing AI in companies.

AI Influences Customer Experience

This year’s Digital Transformation 2024 conference was focused on topics such as AI-driven digital transformation, chatbots, and voicebots, which are changing how companies interact with customers, as well as detailed data analysis and machine learning applications.

As a silver partner of the conference, we primarily focused on the customer experience related to AI. Our business consultant Peter Vlčko demonstrated through practical examples how easily and quickly AI can be used directly in CRM. Marcel Vejmelka, a consultant from our partner company Soitron, highlighted the benefits companies can use in communication with their customers.

They also discussed automated processes for various types of users, significantly increasing the productivity of customer-facing employees and streamlining multi-channel company communication.

At the Prague conference, other experts focused on the digital transformation on the side of cybercriminals, the practical use of large language models, and what the AI Act will bring.

The conference connected IT professionals with company representatives who care about their growth. We will continue to raise awareness of the importance of effectively using artificial intelligence and digitalization also at other similar events.

AI Millada in Industrial Companies

Together with our partner company Soitron, we traveled to Plzeň, where a seminar on the digitalization and cybersecurity of industrial companies was held.

Our BI Architect Lukáš Mikulič focused his presentation on how to communicate with an information system in human language. He introduced our AI Millada and demonstrated how effectively it can work with data and documents. He also explained how to start implementing artificial intelligence in companies.

His lecture was a great success. Participants asked many questions, including:

  • How can data be verified with Millada, and how can we be sure the data is accurate?
  • How long does it take to implement this solution?
  • What is the guarantee that there will be no data breaches?

If you are also interested in answers to these questions or are considering implementing AI in your company, contact us. We will be happy to propose the most optimal solution for you.


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