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28. January 2021

Borrow a device in a couple of seconds!

Well-arranged client data are the first step to successful business. However, let´s not forget about systematization of internal company agenda. We have prepared for you several applications based on the Power Apps platform which will make your work tasks easier and provide you with better insight. We introduce you an application for loaning devices.

A projector, a mouse, a keypad, a conference microphone or a conference camera – these and many other devices are used in a company on daily basis. A support department is usually in charge of their loan.

In most cases, loan of a particular device is done only in the form of oral agreement or making a mark in an Excel file or a paper sheet located directly in the support department. The device return date is often unknown causing that devices are often returned only upon the personal reminder from the support department, not to mention they could be forgotten if the paper sheet with the names of the colleagues who borrowed the devices gets lost.

The application built on the Microsoft Power Apps designated to loan devices which we in Millennium have developed is a big help able to easily manage such chaos. We also use it ourselves.

Exchange paper for an online application

In our instruction video directly in the application, we will show you how easily can employees book a device for selected days, how the support department processes the bookings, what form can have the notification reminding the return date and what will happen at the handover of the device upon its return.

Soon we are going to introduce you another application which can comfortably manage other internal process with a couple of clicks.

If you found your situation in our article or if you would like to make some other of your company processes more effective, do not hesitate and contact us. Together we will go through your requirements and suggest the most suitable solution for you.


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