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3. February 2020

Change your way of work with Microsoft 365

Imagine that you can improve your key processes thanks to one service package. You don´t have to spend your annual budget to digitalize your processes without lengthy implementation. Thanks to Microsoft 365, you can reach better results in relatively short period of time.

Are you lost in quantum of e-mails and multiple doc versions? You cannot find the right channel using which you could effectively manage projects and communicate with your employees? Does it happen to you that when you need to solve an urgent case, without your laptop you don´t have access to relevant information? With Microsoft 365, you can deal with not only these situations but also with many others.

Microsoft 365 goes with Office 365 package. It combines top-notch productivity of Office 365 services with simple administration of devices and security tools. Office 365 is a cloud service which can make communication within a company as well as with your clients more effective. Office 365 services can improve the quality of cross-team cooperation, make sharing of important documents simpler, create transparent charts offering broader view of the status of business… We talk about comprehensively integrated solutions designated for medium and large companies.

office 365

Windows 10 is a part of Microsoft 365 package, supporting overall security of company environment.

If we want to make progress, we need to be creative. For that purpose, we use Microsoft 365. Thus, we have everything what we need in one place.

There are huge time and cost savings in going with Microsoft 365. We manage our IT infrastructure with just two IT employees, even though we sell millions of cases of product every year.” Garner Food Company

Do not wait until competitors beat you and focus on digital transformation:

Increase productivity

Microsoft 365 synchronises emails, calendars and contact data across as many devices as you need. You don´t have to worry when your cell phone gets lots. You can delete all data remotely, so the information remains safe.

Selected licenses allow to install the Office 365 package even to five desktops or MacBooks and to five tablets (iPad, Windows or Android), so you have all relevant data at hand no matter which device are you using at the moment.

office mobile

Via Office Mobile, you can display and modify files in devices with iOS and Android operation systems. Close integration with the Office package allows to start creation of documents in one device and finish them in another one. The significant added value is that the documents are available online as well as offline, what´s great for those who spend their work time mostly outside the office.

Improve cooperation

Example: We communicate via multiple channels within the organization as well as with outside world. We would like to use the time we spend on everyday email communication more effectively, but we don´t know how. Besides, we are looking for a way how to share important files without resending them.

Internal communication as well as communication with third parties and suppliers can be improved by using OneDrive. Thanks to this service, you can share files, so others within the organization as well as from the outside have easy and safe access to them. The files are stored in cloud and synchronised in all devices.

OneDrive represents for us a simple and safe way of sharing files no matter where we are at the moment.” Matthew Horwood, IT director, Marks & Spencer

Thanks to the Microsoft Teams, you can manage smaller projects as well. In its simplest form, it enables create groups for the cooperation – to write down notes, upload files or share desktop screen. Teams are also used for meetings planning, online meetings (webinars, audio conferences, videoconferences, etc.) and their recording. It improves communication with customers mostly in projects managed by the agile methodology, when customers are informed on the course of individual project phases continuously during the entire duration of the project.

Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams platform has a strong position in Millennium as well. It´s actively used for communication with customers. Their quick feedback often contributes to fluent course of projects with immediate incorporation of customers´ comments.

It´s inspiring to see how world leaders in industry, such as IKEA or Mattress, increase engagement of their employees and customer satisfaction using Microsoft Teams. IKEA gets together the whole organization via functions such as chat or video chats and digitalizes processes such as shift administration, what at the end of the day saves time and costs. Mattress company offers to its front-line employees immediate access to relevant information via Teams, thanks to which the quality of customer care significantly increased.

Besides, you can improve interaction with customers by using Outlook Customer Manager. In Outlook, you can find out details on customers and their history as well as track ongoing business cases and unsettled tasks. Outlook Customer Manager automatically organizes in one place all the information including emails, meetings, phone calls, notes, tasks, business cases and dates.

Simplify your internal processes

Small and technically easy applications can help you get rid of unnecessary administration. Microsoft Power Apps, as a part of Microsoft 365, belongs to such application. Thanks to this service, you can create your own forms, update data and files. The Power platform digitalizes and automates selected process from A to Z.



We in Millennium have tried the advantages of this platform as well. With one click, we can order a massage, reserve parking lot, track fulfilling company´s KPIs and do many other things. Currently, we are implementing Power platform solutions to our customers, for example, one of the largest internet sellers in Central and Eastern Europe or a major Slovak private bank.

Gartner, a leading research and advisory company ranks Microsoft among the leaders in cyber security. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Microsoft 365 can automatically detect up to 97% of all cyber attacks. The system, unlike people, do not trust attractive messages and can immediately delete those defined as dangerous.

Every 39 seconds, a cyber attack happens somewhere in the world. That´s the reason why your digital environment needs to have trusted protection you can rely on.


Microsoft 365 contains services offering protection on the corporate level without a need to have established a big IT department. The services help you protect your sensitive data against cyber attacks, malwares and eliminate spams and malicious viruses. For instance, Exchange Online Protection, provides control over e-mail environment.

We consider cyber security to be one of this year´s leading topics. In our next article, you can find out more about functionalities which can protect your business.

If this article addresses issues you are struggling with and you would like to learn more about the possibilities of the Microsoft 365 package, contact us. We will be pleased to offer you a free consultation.

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