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1. October 2020

Changes in Our Management

Our management has undergone important changes this autumn. Each top management member is now in charge of managing business activities in the public sector, financial sector, utility or the SME sector.

We´ve been delivering high quality services to our customers for more than 20 years. Since we want to constantly offer top-notch solutions, we decided to strengthen our status on the market and appoint the members of our management, as the fundamental pillars of our company, to be the heads of the individual segments.

The recent changes are the result of natural evolution of our company´s direction. Last months, we have been discussing how we could get closer to our customers.  Therefore, we have defined the key areas where we want to constantly grow.” Miroslav Krempaský, CEO SK and Public Lead

Introducing our key segments and their leaders:

Miroslav Krempaský, CEO SK and Public Lead 

Besides the fact that Miroslav is managing the whole company, he is also responsible for business relationships in the public sector.

Within the services of the state and public administration, we want to make Slovakia accessible to its citizens and improve the effectivity of provided services.” Miroslav Krempaský

KrempaskyRichard Sládek, Finance and Utility Business Lead 

Richard is not a newie in Millennium. He´s been working as the Business Development Manager for more than 5 years, primarily focusing on development of CRM solutions. Now, he has joined our top management having the area of finance under his patronage. Preferentially, he works on business development activities and implementation of projects for the financial institutions and utility segment.

Millennium has always been very active in the financial segment – not only Slovak but also Czech and Austrian banks belong to our long-term customers. We have rich experience in this area what has been proven by our current project in the ČSOB bank, we are especially proud on. I would like to send a message to other companies in this business, that we are ready to help and share our know-how and expertise.” Richard Sládek

SladekKatarína Vydrová, CEO CZ and SME Lead 

Katarína has been in our company for more than 14 years. During that time she hold various positions, last 6 years as the head of the Czech team in Prague. Thanks to her rich experience, her responsibilities now include also management of SME, i.e. the segment of small and medium-sized companies. She will continue in business development activities mainly on the Slovak and Czech market.

Rapid development of technologies and increased number of competitive companies show us that digital transformation is a must. There´s plenty of companies on the market which gradually undergo digital transformation and understand the advantages it offers. Since the trend will continue, we want to be close to small and medium-sized companies, which will be more and more affected by the digitalization. With automated and more effective processes, our customers have not only saved their time but also finances. This is the path we want to follow.” Katarína Vydrová


We´re close to our customers

We care about quality of our delivered solutions what is inevitably connected with providing of customer care. From this autumn, our support team has been working under the leadership of Martin Kozlovský. His rich experience helped us to set agile-oriented internal teams and as a Support Lead, he is currently taking part in management of the support department.


In terms of these changes, the position of the Sales director has been eliminated, and Vladimír Jamrich who was responsible for management of sales and marketing is leaving the company.

I would like to thank Vladimír for his work for Millennium and wish him lots of success in his further professional direction.” Miroslav Krempaský

The new company strategy underlines what the company has been pursuing for years and clearly shows the direction it wants to follow.

If you are looking for a reliable partner thanks to which you could improve operation of your company, do not hesitate and contact us. We will go through your requirements and propose a most suitable solution for you.

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