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24. May 2018

Company Breakfast in the Spirit of New Ideas

Millennium hosted the company breakfast again. Needless to say, it was not only about eating delicacies hand-made by our new colleagues, but also about our new internally implemented tool which we would like to introduce you!


It was not so long ago that we informed you about a new solution in our portfolio – Idea Management. This solution offers a transparent and objective tool for gathering innovation ideas, their evaluation, analysis and development of the most beneficial ideas for the company which are to be implemented in practice.

Internal implementation of the Idea Management solution

Usually, the main programme of our quarterly breakfast is about evaluation of the company´s activities from the recent period, introduction of new colleagues or other news from Millennium which are presented by the heads of individual departments and tech-leaders.

However, the main part of this breakfast was the discussion on functionalities of our new system Idea Management and specific details of its implementation together with introduction of our expectations from the new tool. We implemented Innovation management into the company practice immediately under the name Idea Hub. How could we offer solutions we do not have implemented internally?

Since Millennium is an open and transparent company in managing its employees, it´s great to have a tool gathering their ideas, proposals and other thoughts. Everything is in one place and each employee can comment, rate or spread individual outstanding ideas and thoughts of other colleagues. The best ideas thus easily reach the higher management and can start to be implemented immediately.

Idea Management a Gamification

Admittedly, we cannot expect extra effort from the employees without a proper reward for the ideas and suggestions. Every activity in this tool is recorded and evaluated by the point system, based on which the employee can initiatively and actively choose valuable prizes as a reward for his or her ideas.

We are already looking for creative ideas of our colleagues which will contribute to more efficient performance of our company and thanks to which we can move one step forward.

Finally, we attach some pictures from this delightful event full of refreshment and information on our newly-implemented tool Idea Management.

Author / Photo: Matúš Grešš


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