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18. April 2017

Core Banking System, part of which is our CRM solution, has become the winner of the IT Project of the Year!

The Czech Association of IT Managers CACIO awards the most innovative IT projects in the Czech Republic every year. Českomoravská stavební spořitelna (ČMSS), as our client, not only got to the finals but even sailed to victory!

Our client won IT project of the Year

In 2016, the ČMSS (known also as Fox) underwent the largest IT transformation in its history.
It replaced its obsolete core system, which ceased to meet technological and business requirements of the savings bank, with the new Core Banking System (CBS). An important part of this comprehensive digital transformation was implementation of the CRM solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

By implementing the CRM solution, ČMSS has gained a modern tool ready to meet customer needs and requirements, as well as improved relationship management. A 360-degree view on all important information about existing or potential clients provides employees with the opportunity to increase the quality of client service as well as their own productivity.

CRM klient ČMSS

The victory has confirmed that the CRM system is a necessity for modern companies in today’s digital era – of course, only if they want to succeed on the market full of competitors.

Get inspired by the story of CRM technology implementation in the largest building savings bank in the Czech Republic.

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