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2. September 2020

The CRM application offers an overview of what is happening in the business

The life cycle of a business case can be under control thanks to a central CRM application. Except data put in order and more effective work with them, a CRM application based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform brings an overview of a business status and its future development.

The CRM application itself primarily provides information and tools helping to identify business potential and track current trends. Connection with the Microsoft 365 application package provides even better overview of business opportunities and increases overall work effectivity.

Managerial support in form of the CRM is not necessary only for large corporations but also for medium and small companies. The advantage of the system from Microsoft is that it can be adjustable to companies´ needs no matter of their size.

For those whose company data are still not under control and who are looking for a reliable solution, we offer a prearranged CRM application containing business and marketing agenda and insights and dashboards.

CRM aplikacia_obchod

Interconnection of business relationships

The basis of the CRM application consists of customer records and their contact persons. Each company employee has available all customer data in one place, which are smartly interconnected what enables very intuitive work with them. Would you like to see last orders or communication history with a specific customer? With the CRM application, nothing is easier.

What is more, a central database ensures that when a sales representative or other employee leaves the company, customer data will not be erased forever or get lost in email messages or files of the leaving employee.

The CRM application´s added value does not lie only in customer records. This could be managed also by an accounting software. However, it´s at least as much important to effectively record potential customers and work with them in order to develop new business opportunities. These can be marked within the CRM application by sales representatives, marketing team or reception. It´s important for the records to contain as much relevant information about the customers as possible for future communication.

Ideally, potential customers will transform into real customers. If not, it´s wise to keep in touch with them, send them marketing materials with the aim to reach them with other services and products they might be interested in.

A comprehensive view on a business case

Price offers and orders saved in Excel files in different folders or even different laptops than invoices and expenditures. Never-ending flow of e-mails and sending sensitive data. This is how it looks like when the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

The CRM application can grasp the entire life cycle of a business case and connect individual sales phases. By recording opportunities related to potential or existing customers, not only management gains an overview of ongoing orders able to bring new business or already performed activities. The CRM application helps to “guard” such opportunities and follow them through.

Quotations and orders represent another part of the sales process which can be supported by the CRM application. Data necessary for creation of an order can be easily added in the structured form and the order document can be generated into the Word document by one click according to a template

adjustable to your needs. In case a customer confirms the order, by another click you change the status from the quotation to a confirmed order.

The entire business case ends up by creation of invoices what does not have to be dealt by the accounting department, since invoices can be prepared directly in the CRM. Sales representatives get rid of unnecessary paperwork or sending data and the life of the financial department will be easier. Ready source materials will get to them in a unified and transparent manner. Clearly, based on the situation, the invoice can be further processed by the accounting manually or in case of large amount of invoices, automatic interconnection of an accounting system with the CRM system can be implemented.

All data on potential customers, open business opportunities or issued invoices can be practically displayed in form of charts in a well-arranged arranged report.

The CRM application provides companies with several advantages valuable not only for the sales department. Besides for management of business activities, it can be used for management of marketing campaigns and increase quality of customer care.

If you are looking for a system which would make your business processes more effective, do not hesitate and contact us. We are ready to go through your requirements and suggest an optimal solution for you.

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