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29. September 2017

ČSOB has increased efficiency of its corporate banking thanks to our CRM

At the end of the summer, we have successfully finalized and put into production operation another significant innovation of a CRM solution aimed to achieve set vision – to create a key tool for relationship management of corporate banking clients.

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RM Tool, a name of the CRM system for corporate banking in ČSOB, represents, after the second phase of its development, a comprehensive CRM solution meeting all expectations one could have from a modern system for customer relationship management.

Except the “standard” functionalities, the solution offers several innovative as well as very useful functions:

  • Unified 360° view on a client connecting client´s data from various internal and external resources, such as CRIBIS.
  • Management of activities and work agenda of users towards the clients connected directly with Outlook.
  • Management of portfolio and life-cycle of a client – from a prospect to a client, together with integration with the master-client system of the bank.
  • Business pipeline tracking and business process management – from acquisition to transaction.
  • Process of price exemption approval.
  • The electronic signature when dealing with a customer outside the branch.
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Nowadays, users on the side of ČSOB corporate banking have a tool providing them with a comprehensive overview of a client and his products. They can manage their work agenda or track their business pipeline – all within one application. In addition, functionalities such as introduction of an electronic signature in selected client service processes outside the branch underline innovative image of the bank towards its clients.

The second phase of the project meant a real technological challenge, because it contained integration with various bank systems as well as the external system CRIBIS. Our goal was to develop a system comprehensively integrated with existing environment concentrating all important data in one place. It was not easy all the time, however, today we can say that our mission has been accomplished and the need to „reach for data” into various applications or excel tables is a thing of the past for users.

Within the project implementation, we also managed to update the Dynamics platform to the latest version, so the bank has got benefits also in form of news in the platform itself, for example a possibility of integration with Office 365.

ČSOB headquarter

The project has been successfully completed and we are glad that it met the expectations. This is evidenced by the words of praise and thanks of a member of the Board of ČSOB, the director of the corporate banking division and the sponsor of the project, Mr. Ľuboš Ondrejka, what makes us really proud.

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