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10. February 2021

ČSOB Improves Services for its Customers Thanks to a New CRM Application

Digital transformation has become one of the key terms for many companies which care about continual development. The ČSOB Bank ranks among such companies as well. Thanks to the Microsoft technology, ČSOB has started to use a solution across all bank´s sections as a part of the long-term bank digital transformation strategic programme.

ČSOB follows the latest trends and constantly works on their implementation into practice. It focuses not only on innovations experienced by a common user of bank applications, but also on those which are not visible to the clients. The stress put on increasing data orientation and their correct got ČSOB to revaluate its strategy and brought an idea to move forward and improve work with the clients.

The application promotes a long-term bank vision

The bank has bestowed the task in our company´s hands. We have delivered to ČSOB a CRM application built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform which has materialized the bank digital strategy. The aim of the application is to provide all users – from bank branches through the call centre, corporate banking to the back office – with a unified and modern front-end tool for management of existing as well potential clients and related activities.

Data has become a key commodity. If a company can work with them effectively, it´s important added value for the customers getting what they truly need – a needs analysis, high-quality consultancy and, finally, a product reflecting their needs. Of course, a high-quality tool for data management makes work of all our colleagues easier and more effective during direct or indirect contact with a customer. It represents a basic pillar of our digital transformation consisting not only of technical exchange of systems but also of transformation of our minds with the aim for all our steps and processes to be primarily customer-oriented.

My big thanks belongs to all colleagues who have been involved into the CRM implementation as well as those who use it every day, otherwise, our effort would have been in vain. And of course, my big thanks belongs to the Millennium team for their professional approach during the entire solution implementation period.

CRM Millennium

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The application gathers in one place all relevant information regardless the source channel and enables more effective and personalized customer service for clients from all segments. Besides, it serves as a key data source for getting to know our clients.


This project was really challenging for us and I am very glad that together we have managed it successfully. When implementing such a large-scale project, the issue is not only to solve all the technical and integration questions. Firstly, the most important is comprehensive understanding and synchronization of all the expectations from various types of users. That is to say, implementation of a new solution of this type does not only mean the delivery of a new technical solution, but also represents a new approach and way of work.

We have managed it in ČSOB, what makes us very happy. At the same time we understand that it is just a beginning of the journey and it is at least as much important to be close to the customer in the future and help them in the future direction and development of the solution.” Richard Sládek, Finance and Utility Business Lead, Millennium

Significant benefits introduces by the CRM application

1. A key tool optimizing and simplifying internal process.

2. More effective management of contacts and customer relationships.

3. An comprehensive view on client data and easier administration of clients´ needs and offers.

4. A tool for better coordination of bank employees´ activities.

5. Improvement of communication between individual bank departments.

6. A catalogue of all bank products.

The CRM application tailor-made for ČSOB above the proven Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology is a user-friendly and transparent tool taking into account its business priorities.

Modern technologies enable companies to adjust available digital solutions to their specific needs to reach higher effectivity and scalability. Technologies make everyday work and access to real and well-processed data easier. At the same time, they help companies to solve issues as well as understand their customers´ needs. The CRM project of the application for ČSOB is a real example of how data and technologies transform modern banking in order to satisfy its customers.” Violeta Luca, General Manager Czech Republic and Slovakia at Microsoft

ČSOB digital transformation does not finish with launching the application. It is a continual strategic project going on across the entire group.

You can find out more information about the whole project in our case study.

If you are looking for a solution which would make your company processes more effective, do not hesitate and contact us. We are ready to go through your requirements together and suggest an optimal solution for you.

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