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4. November 2021

ČSOB Provides Online Consulting Using a CRM

Československá obchodná banka (ČSOB) continues in its long-time strategic vision of digital transformation of processes. This time, ČSOB is focusing on streamlining of planning and performing ONLINE meetings with clients directly in the CRM application environment.

There are some indications showing us that the pandemics has strengthened digitalization even in the bank sector. Clients started to use online services much more than before, as a natural response to the restricted personal meetings.

ČSOB cares to provide high-quality services which guarantee comfort for the clients when solving their requirements. This time as well, ČSOB has responded to the clients´ needs and incorporated streamlining and simplification of the planning and provision of the ONLINE consultancy for the clients among its top priorities.

“ONLINE consultancy, i. e. remote contact between a consultant and a bank´s client, becomes more and more frequent way of communication. It´s used in retail banking as well call centres. The ČSOB customer portfolio prefers digital channels, mainly mobile banking. This is the way how the consultant becomes a part of the client´s ONLINE world without the need of a physical contact.” Pavel Drozd, Deputy Director of the Retail Branch Network Management division for Slovak regions

The client workers use the CRM application gathering all relevant information regardless the source channel at one place and providing more effective and personalized services for the clients from all segments. Extension of the CRM application has introduced a new functionality, enabling to plan and organize an ONLINE meeting with a client directly in the app.

Fast and Simple Planning

When planning an ONLINE meeting, a client worker gets all relevant data from the CRM application. The CRM application automatically plans the meeting in the bank´s online teleconference system. Subsequently, the client gets an e-mail invitation with detailed information. The client worker joins the meeting directly via the CRM application without the need to manually launch the teleconference system.

The main benefits provided by the new opportunity – ONLINE consultancy:

  • Simple planning – the client worker performs all activities directly in the CRM application without the need to enter other systems. The systems are automatically interconnected in the background.
  • Managerial reporting – the bank management has gained a more detailed overview of meeting management.
  • Connection to the teleconference system directly in the CRM – Currently, ČSOB is using the teleconference system from CISCO. However, the CRM solution can be connected in the future also with other teleconference systems such as Microsoft Teams.
  • Load Optimization – thanks to the interconnection of the teleconference system with the CRM solution, optimization of the CISCO system has been reached.

Planning and performing ONLINE consultancy directly in the CRM is another demonstration of how the solution continually introduces new functionalities and benefits, thanks to which ČSOB is more accessible to the clients. The project was implemented in a record time taking into account the bank´s business priorities.

If you are looking for a solution which would make your company processes more effective, do not hesitate and contact us. We are ready to go through your requirements together and suggest an optimal solution for you.

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