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15. November 2016

December, the month of good deeds

Another successful year in terms of projects will be over soon. In the course of past 12 months, we have helped our customers deliver IT solutions that have modernized business processes and promoted their growth. This month we have decided to focus our support on another area.

The omnipresent Christmas mood is challenging us to reflect on the passing year and realize that in addition to work there are also other things around that deserve attention. We have focused our attention on helping children in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

F84, o. z.

Under the Slovak Millennium branch, we focused on supporting a topic that is largely neglected in Slovakia – children with autism. Before Christmas we visited F84, o. z., advisory and educational center engaged in this area. We had a chance to witness the complexity of demands that this specific childcare entails.

With our contribution to the association, F84 will be able to provide therapeutic equipment of the therapy room. The center will be able to provide therapies to a greater number of children, ensuring their faster progress.

Millennium pomoc pre F84 Arteterapia v F84

However, we believe that this cooperation will not end – in the coming year, we plan to organize a volunteer day for our employees in the center, and to promote the sale of paintings made by children.

The endowment fund “Srdce na dlani”

Our Czech subsidiary, Millennium Services, continues to support the endowment fund Srdce na dlani, which is dedicated to helping children from orphanages. The full contribution is aimed to support the Incentive Program in Tisá – thanks to the program, more than 20 children will be encouraged throughout the following year to assume the greatest responsibility towards their environment, in school and extracurricular activities.

Christmas collection for the civic association “Koleso záchrany”

At the turn of November and December we organized a collection of material aid for the civic association “Koleso záchrany”, in which companies from around the BBC 5 had a chance to participate.

Millennium dobročinná zbierka pre Koleso záchrany

Together we managed to collect and pass on to people in need over 30 bags with clothing, children’s toys or other useful household items. The pre-Christmas joy was certainly intensified thanks to a stroller, a crib, snowboard or a Christmas tree, donated by our great colleagues from Millennium 🙂

Millennium zbierka pre Koleso záchrany

First, however, we would like to thank all the companies that participated in the collection. In December, we received cordial visits from different floors and blocks of the business center.

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