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1. July 2021

Do You Want to Be Better Than Your Competition? We´ll Tell You How!

Our series of webinars continues. Due to strong interest, in the second half of June we again drew attention to the topic of digitization and the electronic signature. During the webinar, we presented to our participants how can the work with CRM look like and how easy is to sign a document electronically.

We also talked about the fact that digital transformation does not equal to one implemented application. It´s more of comprehensive transformation of internal company processes. Our team of experts has been helping our customers to streamline their processes for many years. The transformation is usually gradual, progressing step by step.

In connection with the already mentioned, we have introduced to the webinar participants the solutions able to consolidate company data and processes. In our video, you can find out which possibilities can Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Microsoft technology offer to you company.

A study of Gartner, a renowned company, says that until 2024, 75 % of large corporations will use at least four systems focused on low-code development to stay flexible business-wise. In Millennium, we follow these trends and deliver our customers low-code applications built on Power Apps.

Dynamis 365

These IT solutions can be easily linked to an electronic signature. The main aim of our partner Signi is to provide an electronic signature which is simple as a handshake, but legally binding. Together with the law company KROUPAHELÁN, we have made clear what it entails.

If you missed our webinar, you can download the video. At the same time, you can look forward to the autumn webinar, during which we will introduce you Integrated document management. This tool allows you to have the entire life-cycle of documents under control. Follow us on social media, where we regularly update you on our activities.

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