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2. May 2024

Girl’s Day: We Met Students with Great Potential

Together with our partner company Soitron, we participated in the Girl's Day initiative driven by AjTyvIT. We met talented high school girls who came to learn more about IT as part of the International Day of Women and Girls in IT celebrations.

We prepared a rich program for the students. They delved into IT through various competitive activities. From escaping the Escape meeting room, IT quizzes, negotiations, to solving a simulated cyber-attack—two competing teams demonstrated their skills and determination.

At the end, they had to face a tie-breaker question and guess what percentage of women work in the IT field in Slovakia. Although 14.9% is not a high number, we hope it will increase thanks to these students.

We see the importance of spreading awareness that IT is a space where women certainly have their place and can make a significant contribution. We are pleased to have been part of this experience and wish the girls success in their future endeavors.

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