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16. December 2019

Heineken Slovensko: “eshop“ in the CRM has made internal ordering much easier

Heineken Slovensko continues in digital transformation by adding functionalities to its CRM system. It has resulted in a new internal “eshop“ built on Microsoft technology. It has made the entire process of planning and ordering marketing products used by the sales department much easier.

Originally, sales managers ordered marketing products for the upcoming year mainly by making notes in Excel files. The files were then sent to an e-mail coordinator PoS, who centralized them into one central list. The whole process of ordering was too lengthy, since the coordinator had to manually summarize internal orders from whole Slovakia. It required a lot of work with high error rate and inefficiency regarding the volume of ordered goods.

In our company, we are constantly looking for solutions which would provide an internal customer with added value in form of modern user environment and comfort, quicker services, increased information transparency and availability, managed reporting, access to history, higher efficiency, and last but not least, reduced costs.” Erik Páleš, Sales Support Manager, Heineken Slovensko

Heineken eshop

“Eshop” as a superstructure to the CRM system

Management of Heineken Slovensko intended to make the process of ordering marketing products more effective. They approached us with the requirement to develop a solution which would make work of employees from sales, marketing and purchasing department easier.

Since we had implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Heineken Slovakia couple years ago, we suggested to build the new solution based on this technology. After consultation with the customer, we opted for the “eshop” form, which was developed by adding CRM system functionalities.

Order processing within couple minutes

The internal “eshop“ has significantly speeded up and made transparent the entire process of ordering marketing products.

We have brought to the customer the following most important benefits:

  • eliminated manual activities and reduced error rate when processing orders;
  • up-to-date product catalogue with visually displayed products and detailed product specification;
  • possibility of advanced filtration in the product catalogue and shopping cart with sorting by individual brands, classification, type of material and products;
  • monitoring of budget spending;
  • overview of current and future inventory – more effective planning;
  • detailed information on products in previous orders;
  • revision of orders from the coordinator PoS aimed to reduce costs.

We deployed the solution step by step according to set user stories. Thanks to the agile methodology, the customer had a constant view on the status of the project and could monitor outcomes of individual spurts, what ensured his quick feedback. The final outcome of the project is an internal “eshop” maintaining company branding and processes specific for Heineken Slovakia.

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