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20. September 2015

How Can PowerBI Improve Internal Communication?

We have launched an internal project "Transparent company", which provides access to information on important KPIs and their fulfillment to all employees. We all together understand various managerial decisions better this way and we can fully dedicate time to work for our clients.

Internal communication belongs among the biggest managerial challenges. Any important information, if provided in a wrong way, more insensitively or late, may have effect on performance of the given team. At Millennium we have been dedicated to the questions of internal communication for a long time and looking for new better forms. We believe the company benefits when its employees are informed about the actual condition of the company, if they understand managerial decisions, which allows them to get to know them easier and identify with them faster.

Therefore with the aid of the PowerBI technology we created presentation dashboards, where key performance indicators are portrayed, for example meeting the plan, utilization development, rate of contracting, etc. All data is online downloaded from internal systems, such as CRM, Project, or specialized XLS reports, connected to OLAP cube.

The data is presented to employees on a big panel in the main social space, everybody can thus see them having coffee or lunch break. In addition to actuality of the data, their clarity and legible graphic presentation is another great benefit of PowerBI.
We are very pleased that this initiative was welcomed by the employees and helps in making our company better, more transparent and efficient.

Vice-President Microsoft CEE Ernst-Jan Stigter and MBS Director in Microsoft Slovakia Martina Mošková along with CEO Millennium, Miroslav Krempaský, launched the operation of the information panel to the project Transparent company.

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