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9. September 2019

How innogy Solutions manages its service via Resco Mobile CRM

Thanks to the solution implemented on the Resco Mobile CRM platform, the company innogy Solutions has made administration of its services and employee attendance tracking more effective. The project was managed by the agile methodology with active participation of the customer.

The company innogy Solutions belongs to the innogy SE group, a well-established European company operating in the energy industry. The company innogy Solutions is focused primarily on comprehensive energetic solutions dealing with measurement and regulation of cooling and heating systems. Thirty professionals provide proposals of solutions and their implementation as well as measurement, intelligent regulation and respective service. innogy Solutions has been operating in the field of manufacturing, installation and maintenance of air-conditioning, heating and cooling machines for more than 15 years.

Thanks to the Resco Mobile CRM application, we are able to plan daily interventions of our service technicians and record reports about such interventions electronically and on-line, what is much more effective. The main benefit lies in shorter duration of service operations as well as in digitalization of service agenda from the initial requirement to an e-mail sent to our client. The service technicians have all relevant service forms in one place, what has automated lots of routine activities.” Alexej Hyža, manager of technical department

Before our partnership started, the customer already had experience with the Resco CRM application, which had been primarily used for records on business relationships, contacts and service agreements. The implemented functionality of the Resco CRM application came from functionalities available by default on the Resco platform. Employees entered into the Resco CRM application via mobile phones, tablets and a desktop app.

resco mobile crm

“Location tracking“ function

For innogy Solutions, we identified a need to implement a system for administration of the service process, employee attendance tracking and a holiday request approval. Based on this, the management started to look for options which could meet those needs and offer users non-stop access to data via various devices. Logically, there was an option to use the Resco platform and implement required upgrades into the existing application.

After the consultation with the software company Resco, Millennium was recommended as a suitable partner, therefore, innogy Solutions approached us with an offer to implement the solution. Based on the recommendation, we launched a project which covered the following business requirements:

  • implementation of the electronic forms for the service technicians;
  • tracking of duration of service operations;
  • implementation of employee attendance tracking and a holiday request approval process;
  • planning of service activities;
  • tracking current location of the service technicians;
  • training for key employees for further adjustments of the service forms.


Close cooperation with the customer

The project was managed by the agile methodology consisting of three short cycles – so called “spurts”. During the spurts, the solution was gradually shaping into its final form.

During the initial phase of the project, we prepared “story maps”, which were incorporated into the “user stories” during the first spurt. The complete work was deployed step by step according to given “user stories”. Thanks to the agile approach, the customer had a constant view on the status of the project and could track the outcomes of individual spurts, what ensured quick customer feedback.

During the last phase, the final product was presented and the training of key employees and deployment of the application into the customer production environment took place. The functionality of the solution is implemented in terms of standard options of the Resco Mobile CRM platform.

The implemented solution has brought the following benefits to the customer:

  1. Computerization of the service forms important for recording the provided services via a module “Inspections“.
  2. Computerization of service protocols from regular service interventions.
  3. Electronic signature – digital authorization of service interventions after provision of the service.
  4. Automatic tracking of overall duration of the service interventions at the customer.
  5. Tracking current location of the service technicians via the “Location tracking“ function.
  6. Employee attendance tracking and a unified system for holiday request approval.

The solution was implemented in the close cooperation with the customer and his project team within 6 weeks. The application is available for the employees from a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.

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